About Sarron  

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I was very interested in purebred dogs from the young age of 7. It was at that time, that I found a Cocker Spaniel breeder in the classified ad section of our local newspaper and was on the phone getting directions to her house before my mother could stop me. Reluctantly, my mom took me to see the cocker spaniel babies. The breeder placed a show lead on one of the puppies and let me gait the puppy up and down the sidewalk. It was also at this house that I saw my first dog show rosette and decided that I wanted to win those rosettes some day No, my mother and I didn't leave with one of the cocker spaniel babies that day, we settled on a not so expensive Beagle puppy that lived to be 16 years old. WOW! These were my humble beginnings into purebred dogs.

When I was 13, I volunteered at a local shelter where I walked dogs and cleaned cages on the weekends. It was during this time that I found my kennel name, Sarron.

One day, a Doberman was brought into the shelter by its owner for placement. The dog was in very good physical condition and had a lovely temperament. His name was Sarron. He was such a striking dog to me and had such a good temperament I decided then that Sarron would be my kennel name when I was older and could really have a kennel ;).

I acquired my first show dog for my 16th birthday. He was a re-homed champion Great Pyrenees named Ch. Molliere Don Quixote, CD or "Donner". Donner was a large, heavy boned male Great Pyrenees that I bonded with immediately. He went with me everywhere and he was a great ambassador of the breed. I showed him in Junior Showmanship briefly and in obedience. He was also a great demonstration dogs at training class and enjoyed visiting nursing homes. He only lived to be 7 years old.

I acquired my first Belgian Sheepdog when I was 17 years old. He was a re-home dog named Chambord de Loup Noir - "Logan". Logan served as my introduction into the breed and he went on to earn his Companion Dog Title. Even though Logan wasn't the healthiest dog (he had epilepsy), he lived to be 14 years old and was a complete gentleman and true friend until the day that he passed.

Since Donner and Logan, there have been many Great Pyrenees and Belgian Sheepdogs that have come and gone in my life. In 2011, I met and married my husband, Mike. Currently, Mike and I share our home with 6 Belgian Sheepdogs (all females - from 2 yrs to 12 yrs) and 1 Irish Wolfhound, Vidarr.

Our focus is on enjoying our pets. I am very lucky to have very nice, high quality, healthy dogs. I enjoy breeding occasionally and have a wonderful extended family due to the great homes that have found my puppies. Several homes have more than one dog from my breeding program.