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Litter: Sarron Sun
Dam: Multi Group Placing, AKC/UKC Ch. Sarron Joint Venture, CD, SCT (Jayne)
Sire: BISS, Multi Group Placing, AM,CAN. INTL Ch. Johnsondale's Starbuck, CD, TDI, ROM (Sunny)
DoB: September 6, 2005

The Sarron Raynetree "Sun" litter was born on Sept 6, 2005 and is out of Am/Can Ch. Johnsondale's Starbuck, CD, ROM (Sunny) and AKC/UKC Ch. Sarron Joint Venture, CD, SCT (Jayne). This was a frozen semen litter that was a co-bred litter by April Albert and me. I am very grateful to April that she let Jayne come back to Ohio. This litter produced 5 males and 3 females. Jayne was a joy to have at the house and a doting mother! Please follow the links below to see pictures of the babies as they grew.

CERF:BSD-1415 (03, 05, 06)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Comp / Scissor
One litter at Sarron, one litter at Raynetree. Euth 10/21/14-- spondylosis
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Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Puppies Health Table
Sarron Sun litter - Born: September 6, 2005 -
Multi Group Placing, AKC/UKC Ch. Sarron Joint Venture CD, SCT x BISS, Multi Group Placing, AM,CAN. INTL Ch. Johnsondale's Starbuck CD, TDI, ROM
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesCHICLinksDentition / BiteThyroidOther Information
Sarron Sunset Surfbreaker
MBSD-3478G27M-PILeft - Normal; Right- DJDIBSD-1693 Normal (06, 07, 13)44794OFABSD-TH155/27M-PICh. CGC Euth: June3, 2017- osteosarcoma of spine
Sarron Raynetree NumberOne SunM/2x-rayed clear at neuter.x-rayed clear at neuter.Comp / Scissor Neutered - one testicle down at 8 weeks, the other descended at 14 weeks. Euth Dec '12 - Stomach Cancer
Sarron Raynetree Chosen SunM/2BSD-3450E24M-PIBSD-EL1183M24-PINormal BSD-1780 : D3a42972OFAComp / Open Level AKC Major pointed Neutered. DoD: Dec 2018
Sarron Raynetree SuntanM/2Hips x-rayed clear at neuter.Comp Euth 3/24/07 – Kidney and parathyroid failure
Sarron Raynetree SundancerM/2 - NeuteredBSD-3476E26M-PIRight: Normal; Left: DJD1not completed yetOFAComp / Scissor DoD: March 2016
Sarron Raynetree Tequila Sunrise
FBSD-3473E26F-PIBSD-EL1206F26-PIBSD-1685 Normal (06, 07)43693OFACH. ITP. Died: April 2016
Sarron Raynetree SunkistFHips x-rayed clear at spay.Comp / Scissor RN, MX, MXJ, AXP, AJP, OF, NFP Spayed. DoD: May 2018
Sarron Raynetree Sunny's Star
FBSD-3799E60F-VPIBSD-EL1509F60-VPIBSD-EYE25-101F-VPI(08, 10, 12, 13, 14)68412OFA

Comp / ScissorCH. Spayed May '14, DoD: 12-19-2020 - Vestibular Attack