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Litter: Fleetwood Mac Litter
Dam: CH. Sarron Pulp Fiction, RI, CGC, BCAT, BN, CD, SWN, ACT2, ACT2J, ORT (Jules)
Sire: GCh. Ch. Reverie's Limited Edition, RN, PT, OAP, AJP, OFP, CGC (Bluie)
DoB: Sept 29, 2019

Jules has been bred to the handsome Bluie, GCh. Reverie's Limited Edition, RN, PT, OAP, OFP, CGC. Bluie is a good sized boy with good substance. Bluie has excellent hips and normal elbows and eyes. The puppies will have registered names that are Fleetwood Mac song titles. We are expecting OUTSTANDING structure and temperment from this combination. These puppies will be ideal for all dog sport venues as well as family companions. Please follow the links to read more about the sire and dam of this litter.

Puppies were born Sept 29, 2019. We have 4 females and 2 males. All puppies from this litter are spoken for at this time.

Week 1 - Oct 6, 2019

Sept 29 – This was the big day!!! Jules had a temp drop on Saturday Sept 28th and then slept a bit restlessly Saturday night. We woke up early on Sunday, everyone had breakfast and then puppies began arriving around 9:20 am on Sunday morning. Puppies arrived as follows:

  • 9: 20 am 9/29/2019 – Female, Purple, 14.0 oz
  • 10:20 am 9/29/2019 – Male, Orange, 12.4 oz
  • 11:13 am 9/29/2019 –Male, Blue, 14.4 oz
  • 12:09 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Green, 15.0 oz
  • 2:31 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Pink, 9.2 oz
  • 3:49 pm 9/29/2019 – Female, Sage, 12.5 oz

The first two puppies were a bit stressful as Jules was not really sure what was going on as the babies were coming out. This is her first litter. The first puppy was pushed out but the placenta did not make it all the way out with the puppy. So, we got the puppy out, got it breathing well and it latched onto a teat – all while still having its’ umbilical cord attached to the placenta, which was still inside of Jules. Uggggg… This hasn’t happened to me a while – so thank goodness my vet answers her phone when I call her on the weekends… her council was “get some scissors and cut it as close to Jules as you can”.. so that’s what I did. Thank goodness purple was vigorous and ready to eat! About an hour later, Jules was ready to “half heartedly” have the second puppy – so we did the same thing all again… she didn’t really push hard enough to get placenta and all out so I had to detach Orange boy from the placenta too.

After the first two babies were born and nursing, the hormones finally kicked in and Jules delivered the next 4 without my help/intervention. YEAH!!!! After the first 4 puppies, Jules had them all nursing and doing well. She was cleaning them and starting to settle down. After Green girl was born, we all took a little rest. At 2 pm, I made her leave the puppies and we went out into the back yard for a walk. She was concerned about leaving them, but was happy to get out and stretch her legs. I also gave her an injection of oxytocin to help her uterus contract down to push out any remaining babies and the two placentas that I knew she had retained from the first two puppies.

At 2:31 pm, Pink girl arrived! She is the smallest and had gotten stuff over in a corner of a uterine horn I think! She was little but vigorous too, and it didn’t take long for her to start to nurse once she was out and had some room to stretch out! The final baby was Sage Girl. She was the bonus baby! From the xray, I thought 5 for sure, and hoped for 6 and that is what we got. All the babies were out and accounted for. Jules was a bit awestruck with all these littles to care for but, she has been a GREAT mom from the beginning. The babies and Jules went to the vet for a quick check on Monday, and they took two rear dewclaws off Blue boy and one, barley hanging on, rear dewclaw off Pink. No other rear dewclaws. Everyone has both front dewclaws. Hardly any white on these puppies and I think that black will cover all by the time they are grown.

We started Early Neurological Stimulation and the Early Scent Introduction on Day 3 with everyone. My notes on those are included in the litter Activity Tracker spreadsheet. That is going as expected. The two boys are more compliant with ENS than the girls. The girls have much more to say about those exercises. LOL. We have done this with our litters for the past years and feel it is valuable. This year we have added odor introduction to help build their brains and use their nose even more as they mature. I hope that some of you will pursue some form of scent or nose work and can provide feedback as to whether these babies seem to be more ‘naturals” at it than others. This first week, we have gone through Wool, Anise, Tree Leaves, Clove so far. I am alternating a “fresh” scent vs a cotton ball with an oil scent on it each day. At the end of week 1, Oct 6, the babies are weighing in at:

  • Orange Boy – 1# 9 oz
  • Blue Boy – 1# 14 oz
  • Pink Girl – 1# 3 oz
  • Purple Girl – 1# 13 oz
  • Sage Girl – 1# 9 oz
  • Green Girl 1# 13 oz

They are all growing and gaining. Jules keeps them spotless and content all day and night. I have slept on the puppy porch with them this week to make sure that she tends to them well and I have a camera that is set up during the day so that I can monitor them too. I am gone for about 4 hours at a time, and then I am home to let her out, feed her something special and cuddle the babies many times each day. Mike works from home, so there is someone with the dogs at all times.

Week 2 Update - October 13, 2019

These babies are really big!!! Cathie Lang said it best – Jules milk must be buttercream! These babies have all had a really good week of growth over the past 7 days. They are all doing well. Eating, sleeping and the other things growing babies do! This week they weighed in:

  • Orange – 3#
  • Blue – 3# 7 oz
  • Pink – 2# (she’s the smallest – but growing like a weed too!)
  • Purple – 3# 3 oz
  • Green – 3# 6 oz
  • Sage – 3# 1 oz

This week focused on ENS and odor introduction. I don’t do scentwork, so you will have to excuse my observation and comments. They may not be in line with how I should describe the pups reactions - but it’s what I see. I have made comments about each pup in the Activity Tracker. It’s interesting as sometimes they pups that I think will be interested in a scent don’t seem to be…. So, it will be interesting to watch these pups grow and see what activities they excel in.

The beginning of week started out with pups that were still just scooting around a little, without much purpose and ended with babies with their eyes open that are beginning to move with purpose. This next week, their ears will open up and then they’ll have all their senses beginning to kick in. Today, they all received their first wormer. I use Strongid at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks and Baycox at 3, 5, 7, 9 weeks.

The group started opening their eyes on day 11 and by day 14 – all have their eyes open. Now, I certainly won’t say that I think they are seeing well yet, but they have a lot more going on in their little brains now than they did 4 days ago. Jules is still being an EXCEPTIONAL mother and keeps the box pristine. I would guess that will only last for another 2 weeks or so. They are still very content and aside from a few little squeaks and beginning puppy barks, they are very quiet. Jules is spending more time out of the box this week, but that is not bothering them. They are very content. Nice, easy litter.

Next week, I’ll add in their whelping box porch area. That will double their space and will also begin to give them more to look at as the porch is not solid walls. They will be in box/porch area until week 4-5 and then they will move to an ex-pen for more space. I plan to start supplementing their feeding next week too. I start at week 3 and just add in 1 or 2 meals a day – that consist of Gerber Baby Rice cereal and dried goats milk, mixed up with hot water. Starting in week 5- I add pulverized kibble to mix and slowly take away the baby rice cereal – but still use the dried goats milk during weaning.

Week 3 Update - October 20, 2019

This has been a big week. The babies opened their eyes and started to really track objects – mainly their siblings, their momma and me. The babies are all eating well and growing fast. In addition, this week, we finished the Early Neurological Stimulation and Oder introduction work. Therefore, lots of opportunity for developing occurred during this week. Everyone has gained at least a pound this week and they are all up on their feet moving around the box. I observed Sage girl one-night take 2 laps around the box, just because she could. Their weights today were:

  • Orange – 4# 3oz
  • Blue – 4# 10 oz
  • Pink – 3# 2oz
  • Purple – 4# 6oz
  • Green – 4# 8 oz
  • Sage – 4# 1oz

We finished the Early Neurological stimulation and odor program this week. They were not very happy about those exercises to start with.. most of them did not like the restraint on their back stimulation. However, they all got through it and will be better puppies for it. Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted are: improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. I also added in the odor introduction to see if that helps to stimulate their interest in using their noses.

This litter has been much more interested in eye contact since their eyes opened then any litter I can remember. It started with the ENS, but has continued well after those exercises. They really like to make eye contact and just stare at me. I love it! They are very engaging puppies now that they are up and moving. Yesterday, I expanded their living quarters by adding on their puppy porch. That gives them twice as much space to move around in and lets them start to see the room more as well as have some new surfaces to get used to in their box. I added a fit paws nubby disc to their box as well as a potty turf square. They have a couple more toys too. It is very cute to see them interact with their toys.

Finally, today we had a great Indian Summer day with 73 degrees, so I took them out into the puppy pen with momma Jules, of course. The pen is concrete and block, so I took out a sheepskin and sat them on that to start. They were stressed at first, but then Jules laid down on the sheepskin and let them nurse. After that, they all calmed down, had a snack and took naps and cuddled up to each other and mom. The air conditioner compressor is right next to that pen, so they heard that compressor as well as some lawnmowers off in the distance. The outside noises didn’t phase them at all. Orange boy fell fast asleep as soon as he ate and didn’t wake up until I took them inside. That’s why he doesn’t have a good head shot with outside light today.

Week 4 Update - October 27, 2019

This has been a transformative week with the babies. Their eyes and ears are open and they are up on their legs much better. They continue to grow like little weeds:

  • Orange – 5# 7oz
  • Blue – 6# 3 oz
  • Pink – 4# 7oz
  • Purple – 6#
  • Green – 6#
  • Sage – 5# 10oz

This week I started offering the pups gruel a couple times a day. They have been ‘lukewarm” about the gruel all week… seeming to say, “Forget it, that’s NOT mom!!!” and since Jules is still with them 100% of the time, it’s not really an issue. They have walked in their gruel and smeared it on the floor more than they have eaten. However, they are growing and developing well – so not a big deal. They have this next week with momma Jules at 100% , but after that, I start to wean them from her milk so I’m anticipating they will start being more interested in what I have to offer.

While it is still pretty early to tell a lot about structure, this week, I have been watching them move around a lot. I am pleased with the rears I see so far. Good solid angles under each puppy, using them well as they become more confident on their feet. I see good, wide well placed hocks, nothing close or narrow. I see good fronts, no one is elbowing in, or out.

I see two different head styles. I have longer, rectangular heads on Orange, Blue and Green. On Pink, Purple and Sage, I have more of a wedge shaped head. I interpret this as longer muzzles on the rectangular muzzles and the wedge heads will have shorter muzzles. Blue has a tighter coat than the others do. Everyone else is more fluffy and long. All of the puppies are very engaged with me – they all come over to the box when I talk to them or want to be petted when I am on the floor with them. When they are tired, Green has the tendency to move off by herself to sleep. Purple and Pink usually pair up as well, which means that Sage, Blue and Orange are typically near each other.

This week, we have added a ton of new things! They have their first tunnel now. It is a cute cat toy tunnel. Blue boy went over and kind of jumped on it with his body and hung over it first, while Pink girl knew just what to do and went straight through the tunnel and out the other end. I was sitting with them the other night and one of the puppies went through the tunnel, got to the other end and grabbed the cat toy hanging at the opening and proceeded to pull it backwards into the tunnel. The puppy got it about half way back before letting go and had the elastic rebound the cat toy back the other way.  I gave them a card board box this weekend too and they have had fun chewing on that toy, jumping in it, etc..

We also went back outside today for a while. We had a LOVELY day here today - high around 65, and sunny so the babies went outside for about 40 minutes with Jules. They did great outside on the pen patio today. They were not afraid, no whining. They explored the area, and chased some leaves. They all had some lunch and then played for a bit. They were very cute outside today. As long as the weather cooperates, we will have outside time every day going forward. Another interesting thing today that I noticed is that I saw two different puppies come off the sheepskin and make their way down to the turf to pee. I praised them and told them how smart they were! Good babies.!! And, then there were the two puppies that were lying on the turf later, that smelled a lot like puppy urine. Oh well… This week will be another big week as they will move to an ex-pen next weekend to get ready for weaning time. Once they are in the ex-pen, momma Jules will not have the option of being with them 100%. New toys to come too.

Week 5 - November 3, 2019

First, let me say, I’m tired – and I still have 5 more weeks to go! They are well up on their feet – can still slip on the tile, but are beginning to run around the puppy room and puppy pen. They have all gained right around a pound this week. Their weights this week are:

  • Orange – 6# 15oz
  • Blue – 7# 6 oz
  • Pink – 5# 5oz
  • Purple – 7# 2oz
  • Green – 7# 1oz
  • Sage – 7#

This has been another big week for the babies. I added in the puppy Jungle Gym to give them more stimulation and more types of material that they can chew on. They have a soft tug, medium plastic, hard plastic, a soda bottle with rocks in it, a couple additional balls that are included in their Jungle Gym. Many new toys were introduced this week – hard plastic squeaky toys, a babble ball, a tug with bunny fur on it, and several other soft toys too. Their teeth are coming in well and they beginning to want to use them more and more.. so more toys!! !

This week also saw their first puppy bath in the sink. They were stinky and we were planning to have some visitors this weekend – so we had to do it. Jules was stinky too – so she got self-rinsed. The babies took the bath in stride. I towel dried them mainly and they did pretty well get fluffy and dry. Pink was the only puppy who didn’t get herself dried quickly so I had to take her to the bathroom and blow dry her a bit to get her completely dry and fluffy.

Visitors started on Friday with Eric and Brenda Matthews from Canada. The puppies has no concerns about these new humans and those two had puppies on them pretty quickly. The babies were fresh and enjoyed chewing their shoe laces, being picked up and cuddled. Cathie Lang is getting a male from this litter, so she and her daughter Shalis Worthy came up from Alabama on Saturday to visit with the babies. On Sunday, Barb, Eamon, Eryn and Jessica came to visit and we wore the puppies out. These new friends left around 4 pm and the puppies are still sleeping at 7 pm…

All the babies were very outgoing – but Pink just RUNS everywhere. She doesn’t walk – she runs or hops. Pink is a puppy that you can’t take your eyes off of… she is shortbacked, the littlest one, but she will be fine when she is grown. She’s not going to be a big girl, but she will be sassy and full of herself. Green is miss “eye contact”, she is probably the most people oriented puppy. She likes to tug and play. Sage is another very people oriented puppy ….gosh they are ALL very people oriented. Sage is sweet and likes to cuddle and chew on your fingers. Purple is very interactive as well. Purple is probably the bossiest of the girls. She has ideas of how things should go and all the puppies should listen to her. Blue is the biggest puppy. He likes to be on your lap and loves to tug… he can take on two of his little sister. Blue is a sweet and biddable puppy. Orange is the puppy that catches your eye. Orange stacks himself every time you see him. Orange is a sweet puppy that likes to sit on your lap

Additionally this week, I’ve moved them from their box to an expen. The expen helps me with weaning as I will stop leaving Jules with them 100 % of the time. She has visiting rights for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll be reducing her food too so that she will slow down on milk production and force the puppy eating kibble issue. I am weaning to Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy. So, we are continuing to work on switching from momma Jules to kibble. I will also start putting them outside in their pen with their mom several times a day now so that they have more experience outside. They are also continuing to stay very quiet. There is some play growling and posturing and some verbalizing when Jules comes into them, but outside of that, they are very quiet. Very content puppies. I just ordered a new tunnel today that is 20” diameter as their cat tunnel is getting too small quickly.

Week 6 Update - November 10, 2019

This week has been a lot of fun with the babies. They are doing great! All gained about 1 ½ lbs this week. So, for the first week of weaning – that is pretty good… Their weights this week are:

  • Orange – 8# 3oz
  • Blue – 8# 12oz
  • Pink – 6# 10oz
  • Purple – 8# 6oz
  • Green – 8# 8oz
  • Sage – 8# 7oz

This week the babies killed the fox on the jungle gym, so I added metal cans and another water bottle with some rocks. These babies should have no issue with plastic stainless, metal, wood, fur, etc… in their mouths as they have toys that they play with regularly of these materials. I also gave them a couple of toys that talk to play with supervised. We have Mr. Bill and Deedle Dee mice here…  The babies are working on making them talk and sing on their own. They also got a new adult size tunnel to play in this week as their Kitty tunnels were too small. They all love the big dog tunnel and ran through it immediately.

The puppies came up to the kitchen and dining area this week when friends, Scott and Nadine, came over to play with them. The puppies were cautious at first, but within 2-3 minutes, they were running through the hall, chasing toys. They are quick to master new environments. Today (Sunday) they made their first trip out to the “BIG YARD”… Jules lead them out of their puppy pen, and I took them out with Gypsy and Tori first – that didn’t work about because Julies was trying to herd the puppies and keep Gypsy and Tori away from them… and the babies were very interested in meeting their new Aunties!! The girls (Gypsy and Tori) were good with the babies, but they are big and not used to watching out for the littles…so Jules was concerned.

After I put Gypsy and Tori away, the babies came out into the big yard and they began to look around. Purple was the first to wander off – she found he burn pile and lead all of the puppies over to it. The babies enjoyed their time out in the big yard, but we do have some large birds in our area so I had to be very watchful of them and their time was cut short when I noticed that there were some large birds overhead. The beginning of this week is going to be bad weather outside, but I’m hoping that we’ll get back into some decent 40’s or low 50’s in a week or so in order to enjoy the big yard some more.

The babies’ heard the vacuum cleaner this week – in their room – no worries for them. Everyone got a nail trim today - and they were OK with that too. I spend time on the floor wrestling with all the puppies each day, but I also sit up in a chair and hold each puppy on my lap and talk to them personally. The thing they are NOT OK with is eating puppy kibble… they do not prefer that - they really want to nurse. So, Jules has been away from them much of the time this week, but still visiting regularly. They have done fine with being alone at night. NO worries about momma Jules not being in their room and expen with them. But, we have to get more serious about getting them on puppy kibble this week… I really have never had a litter that just turns their noses up at kibble… But, these babies are growing and doing well – so we are working through it.

Week 7 Update - Nov 16, 2019

The babies continue to do well in all things. Growing by leaps and bounds, doing well on going outside to potty. Playing outside and just having a good time in general. Their weights this week are:

  • Orange – 9# 5oz
  • Blue – 9# 11oz
  • Pink – 7# 4oz
  • Purple – 9# 5oz
  • Yellow/Green – 9# 9oz
  • Sage – 9# 9oz

I changed their collars to Velcro ones from the ribbons and didn’t have a good “Emerald Green” Velcro collar – so Green girl is now Yellow Girl. Sorry for the change up - but it had to happen. The normal day for the puppies starts around 5 am- they are very good about being quiet until I get ready for them in the morning. I get their breakfast ready, then I go into their room and open the door to the outside pen, come back and open the expen and then shepherd the puppies outside to go potty. They are improving every day on getting outside before they potty. So, hopefully that will help everyone going forward. After every puppy goes potty, we come back inside and dive into breakfast. After breakfast, Momma Jules comes in to clean up leftovers and to give them a little milk too. I sit with every puppy in the morning and hold them and talk to them personally. Jules hangs out with them in the morning inside and outside and then I shepherd them back into their pen around 7 am for their morning.

I am gone during the week day mornings and then come home at 11:30 am to take the puppies outside to potty again and play a little bit and offer them some more puppy food. They go back into their pen for the afternoon and then I’m home at 5 pm. Outside to the pen immediately to go potty and to stretch their legs for a bit. This allows me to get evening food ready and staged in their room.. I let them back in and we go over to have their evening food. I sit with each puppy again and hold them and talk to them personally. After dinner, momma Jules comes in to clean up left overs and offer a milk dessert. After dinner, they are in and out, up to the main house and back in their room, several times. Getting them used to house noises, other dogs, etc… By 9:30 pm, I am trying to get them to wind down. I sit in their pen for at least 30 minutes just holding them, petting them, telling them how good they are. It’s really a nice way to end our day. They may start out with zoomies in their room, but after nice calm talking and some easy listening music they are usually ready to wrap up our day around 10 pm and I close them into their expen for the night.

On the weekends – I am trying to start the days a little later… but 6:30 am has been the latest they will sleep. They are up and going, inside and outside, but similar routine to the weekdays. These puppies have tons of coat – which is great! And as of the last couple days, they are working on getting their ears up.. but I would tell you my litters don’t usually have ears up before 9 weeks and then, depending on the size of the puppy, they can still be somewhat soft. All the babies have a very good set of very sharp puppy teeth. We are working on “easy and no bite”, but they really want to chew. Everyone needs to have plenty of puppy toys at home to chew on.. They do especially like the fur-covered toys that crinkle and squeak. They like to tug and shake those. For teething when they come home with you, you can take an old washcloth and get it damp, wring it out, then put it in the freezer. They can chew on those SUPEVISED as that will help their gums.

Week 8 Update - Nov 24, 2019

The puppies had a really good week. They are slowly weaning off their momma. Jules only visited with them once a day this week. That is helping to dry her up too. Their weights this week are “approximations” as they are getting too big for my postal scale. I’ll switch to the bathroom scale next week. Weights are:

  • Orange – 10# 13oz
  • Blue – 11#
  • Pink – 8# 8oz
  • Purple – 10# 13oz
  • Yellow/Green – 10# 10oz
  • Sage – 10# 10oz

This week has been a lot of fun with the babies as they’ve been up in the Kitchen/dining room several times this week for extra leg stretches and they’ve been outside in their pen regularly. They have a very good idea about “going outside to potty”.. that’s not to say they are housetrained, but every single puppy will go outside and potty several times a day when I take them out. This week, they played with our new Roomba a bit and enjoyed that quite a bit. They barked at it, stood on it. And, ran around like crazy puppies.

They are great fun and they settle down around 10 pm and are ready to go to sleep. I sit in their pen every night with them as they settle down and it’s really nice to have them come over and laydown on the sheepskin next to me as they are ready to sleep. They are up every morning at 5 am and ready to go outside – so I will warn you all about that as well. They are used to sleeping in and being confined in an expen – so if you don’t have an expen – you should consider picking one up to keep them safe when you can’t watch them. They will need to be crate trained – but they are used to their expen. Big yard runs are great ways to tire out puppies for sure! They LOVE to run and explore and then after a while of that.. they are ready for a nap.

This week I also started separating them out individually and starting to work on Sit, Down and Stand. Nothing really serious from a training perspective, but just getting them used to being one-on-one with a person and starting to focus on a person and some treats. I used string cheese for this first training time and picked up some soft Blue Buffalo training treats that I used on Friday evening. On Sunday, I brought out the Turkey sausage and offered some toys. They found the training treats – which were c hicken flavored, more interesting than the string cheese and the MOST interest in turkey sausage. I use the word “YES” to mark their good behavior. So, we work on setting them up to say “YES” as much as possible. After a few sessions of training, here’s what I can tell you about the puppies:

  • Sage – THE MOST FOOD MOTIVATED - loves string cheese, duck treats and turkey sticks- everything
  • Yellow - loves turkey sticks, a little string cheese
  • Blue – loves turkey sticks and a little string cheese
  • Purple – Loves the turkey sticks – no string cheese interest
  • Pink – a little turkey stick, more toy interest and lots of pets
  • Orange – more interested in toys and pets than food

Ears are starting to really stand up. Purple is the first one to have both ears straight up on her head. Her ear set Is lovely. Sage has had hers up at the base, but tipped over at the top like a sheltie for several days. Orange has one up and the other bent over, Pink has hers up at the base, but they haven’t come straight up yet. Blue and Yellow have their bases up, but still have their ears down most of the time. All their ears will be up over the next several weeks. They won’t have any issues.

I have started working on getting puppies to eat in separate bowls when I put food down several times a day instead of eating from one communal bowl at their leisure. At this time, I’m feeding ½ cup of Blue Buffalo Puppy Wilderness Chicken and giving them a large table spoon of Yogurt on top of that dry food. I’m doing this at 5 am, noon and 6 pm each day. Between the 6 bowls, they usually leave about two half bowls after 30 minutes so, I consolidate left overs and let them work on it for a bit longer. Once you get them home, I would recommend you keep this feeding schedule and if they clean up their bowls, you can begin to increase the dry food kibble by a ¼ cup at each feeding probably once a week.. If they don’t eat everything – just keep giving the same amount of Dry.

We have all the pick uptimes set – so please do make an appointment with your vet for within 3 working days after you get the puppy home. They will likely not be ready for another vaccination yet, but I want everyone to take the puppy in and have the vet examine the puppy and give them a check- up. This is a good experience for the puppy – no shots involved and good confirmation for you - new owners - that all is well with the baby. Please take a stool sample in at that time to, just to make sure that all is well on that front. I will provide you a set of puppy health info to take into your vet on that visit. I am working on puppy manuals this week and getting all the contracts created. I’ll send you contracts over for your review tomorrow probably. IF you have any questions about the contract, let me know and we can discuss it. There shouldn’t be any surprises.

The puppies went out to their new homes between 9-10 weeks. They reside:

  • Sage is now Vivi (Sarron Dreams of Reverie) - lives in Washington with Jill Miller co-owned by Sarron. She will focus on Conformation and Herding.
  • Yellow is now Skye (Sarron Over My Head) - lives in Ohio with Barb and Eamon Dillon, co-owned by Sarron. She will focus on Conformation, Rally, Agility, etc..
  • Blue is now Gansey (Sarron Landslide) - Lives in Alabmam with Cathie Lang and will focus on Rally, Nosework and Agility.
  • Purple is now Stevie (Sarron Sisters of the Moon) - Lives in Illinois with Ginger Blossom and will focus on Nosework, Agility and Herding.
  • Pink is now Harper (Sarron Gold Dust Woman) - Lives in North Carolina with Brenda and Mike Reeves and will focus on being the 4th Reeves Sarron Princess
  • Orange is now Killian (Sarron Storms at Reverie) - Lives in Washington with Autumn Baer, co-owned with Jill Miller and will focus on Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Herding, etc..

CERF:BSD-EYE479/20F(18, 19, 20, 21)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Epilepsy:Seizure Free
OFA link
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Puppies Health Table
Fleetwood Mac Litter litter - Born: Sept 29, 2019 -
CH. Sarron Pulp Fiction RI, CGC, BCAT, BN, CD, SWN, ACT2, ACT2J, ORT x GCh. Ch. Reverie's Limited Edition RN, PT, OAP, AJP, OFP, CGC
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Sarron LandslideM/2BSD-4796E24M-VPIBSD-EL2429M24-VPIBSD-EYE673/17M-VPI164403OFA

Full ORT, NW1 DoD: 4/30/23 - Mast Cell Tumor
Sarron Storms at ReverieM/2BSD-4817E27M-P-VPIBSD-EL2448M27-P-VPIBSD-EYE831/37M-VPI178260OFA

Sarron Sisters of the MoonFBSD-4811G27F-P-VPIBSD-EL2443F27-P-VPIBSD-EYE694/18F-VPI166322OFA

FullUR01, UKC CH/Group Placer NA, OAJ, NF, ORT,TKN, RA, NW2 BSD-BCA13/18F/C-PI
Sarron Gold Dust WomanFFull Spayed 10-20
Sarron Over My Head

Sarron Dreams of Reverie

BSD-57/24F-VPI Multi-Herding High In Trial, Multi-Reserve Herding High in Trial, AKC/UKC/INTL CH, UKC BIS/RBIS, IABCA BIS JHD, HSAsM, HSDs, HIAs, WD-H BSD-BCA27/24F/P-VPI