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Litter: Sarron Simply Litter
Dam: Multi Group Placing, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable, CD, RN, HIC, HOF, ROM (Bacardi)
Sire: Multi-Group Winning, Ch. Sarron American Chopper, CD, RA (Chopper)
DoB: March 25, 2008

On March 25/26th, 2008, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistible, CD, RN, HIC, HOF (Bacardi) gave birth to 5 male and 2 female puppies sired by Ch. Sarron American Chopper, CD, RA (Chopper). Bacardi paced herself very well through this whelping as she started at 11:05 pm on Tuesday and finished up at 2:34 am Wednesday morning. The first four puppies were all born in the first hour, then she slowed a bit – but, thank goodness – we DID NOT have a repeat of last years delayed performance! This was a very easy delivery for her and all the babies came out robustly and strong. No runts in this litter!!!

I am VERY pleased with this litter, as it’s Choppers’ first and a nice line breeding on my foundation girl, Rumor. The puppies are very uniform, all with good coats and sound structure. It’s no surprise, but these babies all have very outgoing, confident temperaments and I look forward to seeing that mature.

The theme for this litters’ AKC registered names are “Sarron Simply” – as they are simply named after their mother!! Bacardi is a very special dog to me and I feel very lucky to be owned by her. I'd like to congratulate the new owners of the "Sarron SIMPLY " puppies and welcome them into the extended Sarron family.

OFA:Left: DJD Grade I; Right - Normal
CERF:BSD-1426 (03, 04, 05, 06, 07,08,10)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Three Litters at Sarron, DoD: 03/11/17
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CERF:BSD-1549 (04, 05, 06, 07, 08)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Comp / Level
Neutered - prostate, Vestibular Attack April 2018 - Euth.
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Puppies Health Table
Sarron Simply Litter litter - Born: March 25, 2008 - 5 Males - 2 females - All Groenendael
Multi Group Placing, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable CD, RN, HIC, HOF, ROM x Multi-Group Winning, Ch. Sarron American Chopper CD, RA
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesCHICLinksDentition / BiteThyroidOther Information
Sarron Simply Three Times a Lady
FBSD-3743G24F-VPIBSD-EL1455F24-VPIBSD-352890 (11, 13, 14, 16)73680OFA

Comp/LevelMSU Normal 14SuperVetern CH, 2021 BSCA NAT'L SPEC SELECT/OHBOB, PACH, Agility HIT, Multi-Group Placing, Owner Handled Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver RE PT FDC OA OAJ MXP4 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OFP T2BP BCAT THDN CGCA TKN, HOF-OH BSD-CA113/75F/C-VPI
Sarron Simply Remy MartinM/2Comp / Scissor Euth - 05/15 repeated perianal hernia
Sarron Simply RedM/2BSD-3818E32M-VPIBSD-EL1528M32-VPIBSD-1913 (09)70120OFAComp / Scissor OCD - right shoulder. Neutered. Euth-Jan2021-Spondylosis
Sarron Simply CouragousM/2BSD-3772G26M-VPIBSD-EL1482M26-VPInot completed yetOFAComp / Scissor THDX Therapy dog Cert. Neutered. Euth Feb 27, 2021
Sarron Simply Complicated
M/2 -neutered.BSD-3738E24M-VPIBSD-EL1450M24-VPIBSD-EYE72/71M-VPI (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)63947OFA

Comp/LevelMSU Normal '14RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver CGC, CD, RN, HOF BSD-CA85/44M/C-VPI, Euth: Aug 1, 21 BSD-CA85-44M/C-VPI
Sarron Simply Simon Van Der MeerM/1Comp Neutered - retained testicle in abdomen
Sarron Simply Southern ComfortFComp Spayed. Seizures started - May 2014. Euth 1-15-2020