Sarron RayneTree Tequila Sunrise  

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CH. Sarron RayneTree Tequila Sunrise,
DoB: September 6, 2005 - April 2016
Sire: Am/Can Ch. Johnsondale's Starbuck, CD, ROM (Sunny)
Dam: Multi Group Placing, AKC/UKC Ch. Sarron Joint Venture, CD, SCT (Jayne)

CERF:BSD-1685 Normal (06, 07)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
ITP. Died: April 2016
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Josie is my Red Girl from the Jayne x Sunny litter. Josie has been a complete doll since she 3 weeks old. It's funny - but Bacardi was my Red Girl from the Rumor*Jory litter - and Josie is just as nice as her "Auntie Bacardi" - maybe even better!

Josie is a very square girl, clean moving in the front and rear. She has a lovely outline, a gorgeous headpiece and tons of coat. She has lovely length of neck - but, most of all, Josie is the absolute sweetest Belgian you'll ever meet! She loves everyone and is very confident and out going. I have very high hopes for this young lady!

I am very grateful to Kim, Jeff and Austin Iatonna for raising Josie for me for her first 10 months! They did a fabulous job socializing her and making sure that she got plenty of attention and it really made a difference. And, a big Thank You to them for letting her come back to live with me so she can be take her spot as an important part of my breeding and show program.

Josies' first dog show was the National in 2006 - where she took 1st place in a very large and competitive 6-9 puppy class. Josie went out to 2 shows in early July 2006 and picked up Winners Bitch both days for a total of 2 points. She was entered in Delaware, OH the end of Oct 06 and took Winners Bitch one of the two days she was entered for 2 more points. Finally, she was entered in Columbus, Oh in November 06 for 2 days. She took Winners Bitch and Best of Opp Sex (over 2 other VERY nice special bitches) for a three point major!! So, as of the end of November 06 - Josie has 7 points! WOO HOO!!!

Josie took points in Feb 07 in Indiana at a show and then decided to blow her coat! So, she sat out most of the spring 07 from the show scene. She did venture to the BSCA National 07 - and she did "run her little nekid body" around the ring - but that was about it! We had to wait for the coat to come back in before we could show again.

Josie went out in June 07 and picked up another WB and RWB one weekend, but the real fun happened in July 07 - when Josie was back in coat and looked great! Josie went WB for a 3 point major in Medina Oh in July - but didn't stop there that day. She went on to go Best of Breed over 3 male specials for a 4 point major that day! WOO HOO! The judge just LOVED her! That brought Josie up to 14 points!

Josie finished her AKC Championship on July 28, 07 at the Dan Emmett KC Show in Marion, Oh by picking up her last point. Josie is a lovely girl - and I think if VERY capable of being appreciated by both all-arounders (due to her movement) and by breeder judges (due to her lovely type). I look forward to actually training her now to show and then taking her out to compete as a special in the future!

I have been looking forward to breeding Josie and bringing some new Sonny Grand puppies into the world - but that is not in Josies' future unfortunately. Josie developed ITP in November 2010. She was close to death. Required a blood transfusion and had to be weaned off her meds slowly. Click Here for More information about ITP.

Josie was spayed April 2011 and is now available to an active companion home. Josie is a great dog, with a lot of love to give. She gets along great with other dogs and cats, she is wonderful with children and is at her best when she gets to spend a great deal of time with her family. Josie travels well in the car, is great in hotels and is reliable off lead. I would love to find an active home for her. She has recovered completly from her ITP episode - but I cannot say that she will not experience any problems in the future. She's doing great now though and loves to run in the back yard and go for walks. She's an ideal companion.

Josie was adopted in October 2011 by Bob Hawkins and John Williams from Columbus,Oh. Bob was a very dear friend of Pat Johnson, Johnsondale Belgians, and has owned many dogs from her line. Josie now has a new Belgian sister, Lita, and a Labrador sister, Coco, and a Lab brother, Buckeye. Josie seems to be fitting in quite nicely to their household and I welcome them to the Sarron Belgians family! YEAH FOR JOSIE!!!! and Thank You Bob and John for bringing her into your lives. :)

Bob reports that Josie is doing FABULOUS in 2012. Her blood work looks great, she's eating and exercising well and no signs of any of the ITP issue she had back in 2010! Thank you Bob and JOhn for giving Josie SUCH a wonderful home and taking great care of this girl! Bob brought Josie to the Columbus Shows in Nov 2012. Josie looks absolutely stunning!!! She ADORES Bob and John - very obviously!!! and while she was fine seeing me, it was obvious that her heart belongs to Bob!!!! Thanks gentlemen, for taking such great care of this girl and giving her a wonderful home!

Josie is doing well as of May 2014. No ITP episodes and she is just the apple of Bobs' eye. :) It's amazing that she got through the ITP and is doing so well. I am very happy for that girl!

Bob reports that Josie is doing well as of Sept 2015. She is keeping her labrador sister company in Columbus and maybe will have a new brother from Sarron in the near future. :)

Bob let me know in April 2016 that Josie had gone to the groomers, and then taken a turn for the worse. She went down hill very quickly. And, he made the decision to let her go. Josie had a great life with Bob and I will always be greatful to him for loving her and providing for her every need for the later years of her life. Godspeed Josie... you will be missed.