Sarron Pulp Fiction  

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CH. Sarron Pulp Fiction, RI, CGC, BCAT, BN, CD
DoB: May 8, 2016
Sire: RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver Sarron Simply Complicated, CGC, CD, RN, HOF (Jackson)
Dam: OH-BIS, Group Placing CH. Sarron Witchy Woman (Samantha)

CERF:BSD-EYE479/20F(18, 19, 20)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Jules is Green Girl from the Samantha x Jackson litter. We are very excited to watch Jules grow up and see what her future holds. This little "green girl" is quite spunky, and bossy. Loves to run with the big dogs and holds her own.

Jules is doing great, growing up well. She is an absolute love to have around the house. Great with all the other dogs, very pretty and growing up well. We plan to bring her out to some shows in spring 2017.

Jules went to the 2017 Belgian Sheepdog National Speciality and had a great time! She showed like a pro and placed 2nd in her 9-12 puppy sweeps class under judge Lisa Leffingwell and then showed great against a BUNCH of older girls and took 3rd in a very nice Bred-By Class. Good girl Jules!! She will conitnue to grow up a bit and maybe come out to the breed ring in the fall of 2017.

Jules went to her first dog show since the National 2017 on June 16-17, 2018. She took Winners Bitch both days for 1 pt each day. She now has 2 pts toward her championship. She showed great and did well.

Jules started foundational agility training in 2018. She loves the work and is super fast. We are targeting 2019 to pick up a couple of agility titles and finish her championship.

Jules has taken some time out for motherhood! Please visit the Sarron Fleetwood Mac Litter page. They were born Sept 29, 2019 and she had 4 girls and 2 boys.

2020 is going to be the year of JULES!! :) After her coat comes back in, we'll be hitting the conformation ring and we are already back in training in agility. Jules was a GREAT dam and she'll have another litter in the future after we let these babies grow up and bit. Jules is also participating in the Embark DNA Research study sponsored by the BSCA. You can view her Embark DNA via the link in her health table.

Summer of 2020 has been productive for Jules as she earned her Rally Novice(RN) title at home as well as her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate as well. We are working on Agility, a Rally Intermediate title as well as a Beginners Novice(BN) and Companion Dog (CD) titles this year since conformation shows are few and far between.

While Gypsy is taking some time off for motherhood, Jules decided to go out and try her paw at FastCat this summer! She has done great! Getting Faster at each Trial! Jules earned her BCAT in 8 trials (4 days!) in Aug 2020 and loved it! We think we'll continue on with FastCat - as well as the other venues Jules is participating in while we wait for Dog Shows to be more accessable.

Jules and I also completed our Rally Intermediate title in September 2020. She did a GREAT job with scores of 98, 99 and 96!! Jules is entered in Beginners Novice in Sept 2020 as well and we hope to finish up 2020 earning our Companion Dog (CD) title. She's entered in some more FastCat trials in October 2020 too! So, maybe she'll earn her DCAT this fall too!

October 2020 has been good to Jules! Jules picked up a 4 point major at the Crawford County KC shows on 10/11/2020 under Mr. James Taylor and also picked up Reserve to the Major the other day of that two day show weekend. Jules was Winners Bitch both days at the Clermont County Shows on 10/17 (under Mr. James Moses) and 10/18 (under Mr. Jon Cole) for one additional point each day! She is now up to 8 points of the 15 she need to finish her AKC Championship. Jules completed ner Beginners Novice (BN) obedience title at the Dayton Dog Training Club trial on 10/16 with a respectable 2nd place in the class and a score of 193.5. Then she added her first two Novice B legs on 10/17 and 10/18!!! GREAT WORK JULES!!

November 2020 has been good to Jules too!! Jules was entered in 3 AKC shows Nov 12-14, 2020 and took Winners Bitch all three days for 5 more points toward her championship! Jules needs a major now to finish. She has 13 points so far!! Jules also finished her Companion Dog (CD) title on 11/28/2020 at Queen City Dog Training Club under Judge Anita Eisthen. YEAH JULES!!!!

Jules stil needs a major to finish her championship. She did show at the BSCA 2021 National Specialty in April and took 1st place in the Bred By Class - which was a very nice win. She did not go further than that though. We are still hunting a major.

Jules finished her AKC championship on Aug 6, 21 - taking her final major during the Canfield cluster. She showed great (even though she was out of coat) and moved like a dream. Jules is a great girl who has produced some lovely puppies. We'll do some more things with her for sure.