Sarron Careless Whisper  

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Grand Champion Sarron Careless Whisper,
DoB: 2/5/09 - 4/27/23
Sire: Ch. Sarron Sunset Surfbreaker, CGC (Breaker)
Dam: Ch. Sarron's Whisper in the Wind, RN, BN, CGC (Breezy)

CERF:BSD-EYE71/60F-VPI (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16), Pannus 2018
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Spayed Jan 2018, Panuus 2018
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Cara is red girl from the Breaker*Breezy litter that was welped at Cynergy Belgians in Missouri by Judy and Pete Caronia. I co-bred the litter and brought this lovely little girl back to Ohio in April 2009. THANK YOU Judy and Pete for bringing such a lovely litter into the world - and for doing all the hard work!

Cara came "pre-stacked". :) Cara has been a dream since she came home - she's a great girl to live with, gets along well with everyone and is a fabulous ambassodor of the breed.

Cara is 24" tall and has full dentition, with a scissor bite. Cara is very clean coming and going and has a very smooth, easy side gait. Her temperment is lovely and she's never met a stranger. I've handed her off to people in the show ring and her presence just comes through - even without me on the end of the lead.

Cara went to her first puppy match in June 2009 and took Best of Breed (over 3 other puppies) and a Group 1! She began her show career in October 2009, where she picked up 4 points during the month. In November 2009, Cara picked up her first 4 pt major at the Lima KC show. She took some time off and then went back into the show ring in March 2010 - when she picked up her second 4 pt major at Louisville KC.

Cara had to take a back seat at shows, as I had her cousin up from Florida to show - but she picked up 2 more points during May 2010. Cara is now a member of the 1 pt club!

Cara is a LOVELY girl that loves to show!! I'm so lucky to have her! Thank You! Judy and Pete Caronia for letting this princess come to live with me!

Cara finished her championship over the Fourth of July weekend in Lima, OH in 2010 by going Best Of Winners for her third major!!

Cara went out as a special for the first time in October 2010 - and took Best of Breed both day at the Licking River and Mad River shows over a nice specials male. She showed like a charm in a VERY tough group. She's a lovely girl with great potential! Cara went to two days of the Columbus, Ohio shows in November 2010 - and took Best of Opposite Sex on Sunday at Central Ohio show for more Grand Championship points.

Cara went to Western Reserve shows in Ohio in December 2010 - "naked as a jay bird" and still managed to take Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday over some very nice competition for a major toward her Grand Championship! Cara is sitting out of the ring for a while to grow coat!!

Cara started venturing back out to the ring in March 2011 - at the Louisville Cluster. That weekend, she was entered 3 days in very heavy competition, and took 2 Award of Merits and 1 Select for a major win. Very nice weekend for Cara!

She went to Central Ohio KC on April 24, 2011 for one day and took Best of Breed for an additional point and then continued to Ft St Clair KC on April 30/May 1, 2011 and picked up one Select and one Best of Breed for those two days. Cara now has 16 pts, with 2 majors, toward her Grand Championship.

Cara went to Kokomo, IN shows May 21-22 and picked up two Best of Breed wins - with 2 more Gr Ch points. She is up to 18 GrCh Points now. Got her eyes re-CERF'd this weekend as well - she is Normal eyed!

Cara went to 3 of the 4 Kalamazoo, MI shows May 27-29, 2011 and picked up 2 Best of Opposite Sex wins ( to the very handsome URI) and a Select win. She also picked up 5 more GRCH points - including her 3rd major win. :) She has 23 GrCh points now. Almost there...

Cara has OFA Good Hips and Normal Elbows. Her CHIC number is 73397! What a great girl!

Cara actually finished her Grand Championship at Kalamazoo KC shows over Memorial Day!!! YEAH Cara!!!! Cara took Best of Breed both days in McKinley KC in Canton Ohio June 11-12, 2011. She picked up two more major points sets for her GCH ranking!!! Cara took Best of Opp Sex on June 18, 11 at the Echo Hills show for another major win in GCH points.

Cara finished out 2011 by going Best of Opp on June 19, 2011 at Echo Hills, picking up a Select in July at the Dayton KC shows, grabbing a Best of Opp at the Central Ohio KC show in November and a Best of Opp at Livionia KC in December 2011. She ended 2011 with 46 GCh points - which placed her as the top female Belgian GCh. in Ohio. Cara is red girl from the Breaker*Breezy litter that was welped at Cynergy Belgians in Missouri by Judy and Pete Caronia. I co-bred the litter and brought this lovely little girl back to Ohio in April 2009. THANK YOU Judy and Pete for bringing such a lovely litter into the world - and for doing all the hard work!

Cara went to the 2012 BSCA National Specialty and did a WONDERFUL Job!!! She made it through cuts of special bitches and unfortuneatly didn't get a Select this year. She showed great for the long time she was in the ring. Cara is taking 2012 off from the Show ring so that Jackson can be the focus this year. Cara is expecting puppies from Marcus June 9, 2013!!! Keep an eye out for puppies from Cara*Marcus in our Upcoming Litters page!

Caras' first litter was born June 11, 2013. This is the Sarron Eagles Litter. Cara was a WONDERFUL, doting, mother... She was exceptional in every way with this first litter. They are so consistent and have fabulous temperments... I am looking forward to watching these babies grow. Caras' daughter, Samantha, will stay at Sarron with us. There are 3 other puppies in show/performance homes from this litter of 8 and I could have placed 2 more in show homes as well. Big Thanks to Zin and Mary Stephens for allowing me to use their boy Marcus and for taking one of these dynamite puppies into their home as well. Cara will be working toward her Companion Dog degree in the coming months.

Cara was bred to Jackson in early September 2014 an whelped 5 Groenendael puppies on Nov 2, 2014. This is the Sarron "Success Litter". The babies are reflected on our CaraXJackson Puppies page. Please visit their page to learn more about them. They are wonderful babies and Cara was, again, a wonderful mother. Cara is the type of dam that every breeder aspires to produce consistently. She whelps easily, attends to every need of her babies and teaches them, plays with and enjoys being with them. She gives her babies the best start to become wonderful Belgian Sheepdogs!

For her final litter in 2015, Cara was bred to the very handsome Hondo!!! She had one singleton puppy on Dec 8, 2015 - a 13 oz boy who we named Solo... as in Han Solo. Unfortunately Han Solo died in his first week of life. Cara was a great mom - it was just not meant to be. Cara is now retired from breeding and will start work on her companion dog title in 2016.

Cara is still keeping everyone in line in 2016. She has been a great grandma dog to the Sammi x Jackson litter and loved being around those babies. We love and adore her. She is now going to Puppy Class with Jules and teaching her the ropes.

Cara has ALWAYS done well in Louisville and March 2017 was NO EXCEPTION! Cara went back into the ring in Veterans... she's not be in the ring since 2012, I believe, and she walked into the ring like it was yesterday! I said "Cookies" and she stacked herself and put her ears up! Cara has never been "Miss Speedy" going around the ring, and this year was no different.. but her movement is still true and she stacks herself square and baits! She won Best in Veteran Sweeps at the BSCA Regional Specialty March 17th and then took 2nd in Veteran Bitch class at the BSCA Regional!! GREAT JOB CARA!!!!

Cara went to the 2017 Belgian Sheepdog National Specialty this year and had a GREAT TIME!!! Cara picked up 2nd place in her Veteran Sweeps class as well as her regular Veterans Class!! Cara showed like a ROCK STAR!!!! I love this girl. She is so sound, mentally and physically!!! Great Job CARA!!!

Cara was spayed in January 2018 and recovered without issue. She is a great dog who is a joy to live with. She is a great Puppy Nanny - and has been a positive influence with Gypsy, Icey and Tori - all new puppies at Sarron in 2018. Cara has been diagnosed with late onset Pannus in both eyes in 2018. She is doing very well on once a day treatment and still sees very well. Pannus is thought to be an auto immune issue. Things change in dogs as they age, just as humans. We are treating Cara and will keep an eye on her offspring and her grand-get - but sometimes things just happen. We are pleased that she is responding so well to treatment as she will have to be treated daily for the rest of her life.

Cara turned 11 yrs old in Feb 2020 and is doing great!! Caras' pannus is well controlled with once a day drop and her eyesight is still good. Cara participated in the Gastric Cancer Research program this year by donating her blood to the study. Cara is also participating in the BSCA sponsored DNA Research program with Embark. We all want healthier dogs and we encourage all BELGIANS to particpate. You can view her Embark Profile via the link in the health table. Cara and I are also planning to attend and participate at the BSCA National this year in Veterans class. Wish us luck!!

Cara celebrated her 13th birthday on Feb 5, 2022. Cara' pannus is still well controlled with once a day drop in both eyes and she is doing well. Cara experienced a vestibular attack in November 2021- but I caught it quickly and started treatment so she recovered well. as of March 2022 - she still has a little head tilt but she gets around well and loves going out to walk around the back yard in the sun. Every day is a gift with this girl and we'll enjoy each of them that we are given.

Cara saw her 14th birthday on Feb 5, 23 and although she was beginning to have failing health, she was doing well. Cara started into heart failure on April 17, 23 and with meds, we made her last 10 days good day. She was sick, but ate well and had some good time in the spring sun. I was very concerned as I left for the National on April 23rd that Cara would not be alive by the time I returned and she was not... Mike took her on April 27th and helped her cross the bridge. Cara was such an important dog to my breeding program - as well as to us as a companion... we will miss her everyday.