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RBIS, Multi-OH BIS, Multi-Group Winning and Placing, Int. CH, GCHB. Sarron International Success, BN, CD, RA, BCAT, CGC, FDC, HOF
DoB: Nov 2, 2014
Sire: RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Silver Grand Champion Sarron Simply Complicated, CGC, CD, RN, HOF (Jackson)
Dam: Grand Champion Sarron Careless Whisper (Cara)

CERF:BSD-EYE260/22M (17, 18, 19)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Thunder is available by private treaty to approved bitches. Hip, elbow, eye and cardiac certifications required for consideration.

Thunder is White boy from the Cara x Jackson, Success, Litter. He was born on November 2, 2014 and is the Pick Male from this litter that will stay here at Sarron. I love this boys' substance, his coat, his headpiece- and his attitude. I think he will be even better than his Sire! Watch his page for updates and photos as he matures.

Thunder is growing up quite nicely. :) As of Oct 2015 - Thunder has 6 pts toward his championship - and this is even after I have handed him off all summer so that I could show his half brother. Poor Thunder. I did show him myself the beginnig of Sept 2015 and he picked up his first major at the Clermont County Shows. Thunder is an absolute joy to be around. He has a rock solid temperment and is right around 25" tall at 10 months of age. He has tons of coat, a great bite, full dentition, a long tail and an effortless gait. I have such high hopes for this boy... I think he will pick right up in his fathers "paw steps" once he matures.

Between showing Thunders' older brothers and my girls, Thunder was finally able to compete in a puppy group at the Delaware Ohio KC shows the last weekend of October 2015 - he is such a good boy. He took Best Puppy/WD/BOW that day, went into the puppy group and took a Puppy Group 1!!! YEAH THUNDER!!! I have very high hopes for this boy once he matures. :)

WOW!!! What a HUGE weekend Thunder and I had in Louisville in March 2016! Thunder took Winners Dog and Best of Winners on Thursday for a 5 pt major! Then he took Best in Sweepstakes at the Speciality on Friday - and followed up with another Winners Dog and Best of Winners ribbon for another 5 pt major to finish his CHAMPIONSHIP!!! WOOO HOOO!

BUT - HE DIDN't STOP THERE! On Friday he also took Best of Breed OwnerHandled and went to the OH Group - where he took OH Herding Group 1 under one of my FAVORTIE judges - Mr. Butch Schullman! It was late on Friday, but we showed in OH Best in Show - and THUNDER WON OH BEST IN SHOW!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Just like his daddy!!!! Following in Jacksons' pawprints!!! SO PROUD of this young dog.

I bumped Thunder up to Best of Breed for Sat and Sunday - and on Saturday at the supported entry, his first time out as a "special" Thunder took Best of Breed from a very TOUGH lineup!!! I was over the moon!!! Love this little man and I look forward to the fun we will have as he matures! Thanks to all for the lovely compliments on Thunder!

Thunder has been out about one weekend a month between March - Sept 2016. He picked up his first Herding Group placement in over Memorial Day weekend in 2016, as well as another OH Best in Show! He has garnered a BSCA Regional Speciatly Breed win finishing his Grand Championship, as well as another OH Grp 1 in Aug 2016 and picked up several more OH Herding Group placements As well as a THIRD Owner Handler BEST IN SHOW over Labor Day in Lexington, KY - in Sept 2016. Thunder is the #1 Owner Handled Belgian Sheepdog for 2016! with 3 OH BIS wins this year and he's Not even 2 years old yet! YEAH THUNDER!!!

Thunder went out in October 2016 and picked up yet ANOTHER OH Best in Show at the Mad River Valley KC show! WOOO HOOO! That is Thunders' fourth OH BEST IN SHOW before he is two years old!!! I am letting this pup grow up a bit - just taking him here and there... he'll come out more next year.

Thunder started 2017 going to the Indy Cluster for two days in Feb 11-12, 2017. While there - he picked up two LOVELY Best of Breed wins over several nice specials - adding some additional grand championship points to his collection. Then, he went on to pick up two very nice Back to Back - Herding GROUP 4's!! under judges Mrs Deborah and Mr. David Anthony! WONDERFUL WINS!!! He then went to play in the International All Breed Canine Association venue on Feb 25-26, 2017 and earned his Int'l Championship!! That weekend - he took Best of Breed 4 times, and took Best of Breed Bred By 4 times. He showed in 3 sets of groups and earned 2 - Herding Group 1's, 2- Herding Group Bred By 1's, 1- Herding Group Bred by 2 and 1 - Herding Group 3 placement. He capped off the weekend by taking a Reserve BEST IN SHOW Bred By!!!! Thunder will be out about once a month in 2017 as we ramp up for his special career to begin in 2018!

2017 is continuing to be good to Thunder. He took a trip down to the Louisville cluster in March 2017 and picked up a FABULOUS Best of Breed win on Thursday March 16th...He then went on to a respectable OH Herding Group 2 and finally a HERDING GROUP 4 in HUGE competition !!!!! I was SO PROUD of that boy! We are going out about one weekend a month, working on some novice obedience and starting in Agility Foundation work!

Thunder picked up a leg toward his RN title at the 2017 Belgian National. He showed like a rock star during Best of Breed, but this was not his year to win.

THunder has had a DYNAMITE SUMMER in 2017!!! He showed at one show in June and took BOBOH/Sel and on to an OH Herding Group 1. Then, he went out to three shows over the July 4th weekend and picked up 3 Best of Breeds and three group placements. Two Herding Group 3's and his FIRST HERDING GROUP 1!!!! WOO HOO!!!! What a great weekend!!! Then, in late July/beginning of August he was out for 3 weekends - a total of 6 shows. He picked up 3 Best of Breeds, 2 Selects and 1 Best of Opposite (to his sister!!). He also earned 1 Herding Group 2, 1- Herding Group 4 and 3-OH Herding Group 1 with an OH Reserve Best in Show - all over those 6 days of shows!!!

Thunder has also started taking agility classes - since his sister, Macy, started those with Barb Dillon. Thunder is doing well getting his foundation agility skills down and I hope to run him in agility myself!

Thunder and I took a trip down to Florida for the OH Invitational, the National Championship and the All-breed shows in December 2017. HE DID GREAT!!!! We started our week on Wednesday at the All-Breed show and Thunder picked up OHBOB. HE showed great in the OH Group also - but didn't place. The OH Group was HUGE and all the top OH dogs from around the country were entered! It was really a great show. At the Thursday all- Breed, Thunder took Best of Opp and OHBOB. He went to OH Group and picked up a WONDERFUL Group 3!!! On Friday of that week Thunder took OH Best of Breed at the OH Invitational, beeating the #1 bitch! Great Win! Then, we competed in the Herding Specialty show and Thunder took Best of Opp again! ANOTHER GREAT WIN over quality competition! On Sunday, at the National Championship, Thunder finished his Bronze GCH by taking Select Dog and Best Bred By Exhibitor. For being a such a young dog, Thunder showed great and was in the ribbons at every show!!! What a wonderful trip!

Thunders' conformation showing has been on hold for the first half of 2018 due to puppies. Finally, Thunder and I went out to Lima OH at the end of June 2018 and took Best of Breed for the two days he was entered. He then went to show in Obedience and Rally trials the beginning of July and picked up 2 more legs to finish his Rally Novice title. Both of those legs were 100s!!! Great Job Thunder!!! He also picked up two legs toward his Beginning Novice B title with a 197.5 and a 197 - both of those were for 3rd places in each class. Thunder needs one more leg to complete his BN title.

Thunder has had a great summer working on some new performance titles and certifications! Thunder earned his 3rd BN leg on August 18, 2018 with a score of 196.5 which qualified him for FIRST PLACE in the class!!! WOO HOO!!! During August also, Thunder earned his Canine Good Citizen Cert and his Farm Dog Certification. Thunder also picked up 10 more GC points the beginning of August with a GREAT Select Win at the BSCA Supported Entry at the Canfield Cluster on Saturday and then took Best of Breed on Sunday of the Canfield Cluster!! Great weekend for Thunder!

Thunder has had a really good September and October. Thunder started and finished his Rally Intermediate title in one weekend and he got a good start on his first FASTCat title in September. Thunder picked up Herding Group 2 and 3 placements, as well as OH Herding 2, 3 and 4 the first weekend of September. He went out the 3rd weekend of September and picked up another Herding Group 4. We went out for two weekends in October and Thunder picked up 2!!!! OH Best in Shows as well as regular Herding Group 1, 2 and 3 placements and then, he took his biggest win yet... a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!! WOO HOO!!! He is doing great heading into two show weekend in November and then we will head down to Florida in December to compete for a solid week!!! Can't wait!!!

Thunder finished 2018 up in fine style! He was entered for 5 days total in November - he took 5 Best of Breeds, 3 OH Best of Breeds, 2 OH BIS, 1 Regular Group 3 and 1 OH Group 2! In December, we headed down to the National Championship in Florida. Thunder was entered in 4 All Breed Shows, 1 Specialty Show and the NOHS Invitational! He took Best of Breed in 3 of the All Breed shows, He took Best of Opp Sex inthe Specialty Show and he took Best of Breed AND a respectable OH Group 3 at the NOHS Invitational. It really was a GREAT week for Sarron dogs in Florida. Thunder finishes out the point year as #5 in ALL Breed points and #7 in Breed Points. Great year!!!

Thunder finished up 2018 by picking up his first leg toward his Companion Dog (CD) title at Dayton Dog Training club show in December. He earned a 1st place finish for his first let. We went to Columbus All Breed Training Club trial in February 2019 and he picked up his second and third legs with a Second Place and a Fourth Place, respectively. As of February 23, 2019 - Thunder is recognized as a Companion Dog (CD) too!! We plan to continue in Rally and FastCat this year - hoping to pick up his RA, RE and BCAT titles in 2019. :) Thunder will also be out in the conformation ring to try and earn his GrCHS and HOF titles too. Good Boy THUNDER!!!!

Thunder has done really well in 2019 so far!! Thunder earned his Rally Advanced title and qualified for the Rally National Championships this year with great scores. Thunder went out for one day in conformation in March and picked up a nice breed win and Group 4!. Thunder was entered at the BSCA National this year in several venues. He finished his RA title at the National. He also qualified in Novice Obedience at the National. Then, Thunder took BEST OF OPPOSITE Sex at the Regional Specialty the day before the National. THAT WAS A HUGE WIN!!!! He finished up the National week by making the first cut in males and also being recognized with a Versatility Award at the National.

Thunder went to a show in April and took at nice Breed win, followed by a Herding Group 4 and OH Herding Group 1. He went to two shows in May and Best of Breed both days there and took a Herding Group 3 and Herding Group 2, respectively. He also picked up OH Group 1 and OH Group 2 at the Cincy shows. He went to 2 shows in June and Best of Breed at both of those. HE TOOK AN AWESOME HERDING GROUP 1 and Herding Group 2 that Weekend!!!! Thunder only needs 6 points to achieve his Show Dog Hall of Fame and 24 points for his Silver Grand Championship. We will be trying to wrap those up this fall. Thunder also earned his BCAT (First title in FastCat in May 2019)! Thunder loves to run ...actually he loves to do anything with me!

Thunder and I went to the Support Entries at the Canfield shows in August 2019. Thunder showed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - he took Best of Breed/OH BoB on Friday and Saturday and Best of Opp/OH Bob on Sunday. Thunder then went on to earn an OH Herding Group 2 on Friday AND a regular Herding Group 4!!! WOO HOO!!!! Then on Saturday he picked up an OH Herding Group 1 and a regular Herding Group 2!!! DOUBLE WOO HOO!!! These were deep groups - with some of the top herding dogs in the country participating - so it was quite a thrill!!! These two placements also completed the Showdog Hall of Fame requirements for Thunder!!! He finished up the weekend with another OH Herding Group 1 on Sunday - which should also help to propel him toward being #1 for Lifetime OH Points!!! Thunder picked up 15 more points toward his GCHS and now he needs 9 points to complete that achievement. We are still working this fall to finish his GCHS and to hopefully secure #1 in Lifetime OH Points.