Sarron Simply Complicated  

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RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver Sarron Simply Complicated, CGC, CD, RN, HOF
DoB: March 25, 2008 - Aug 1, 21
Sire: Multi-Group Winning, Ch. Sarron American Chopper, CD, RA (Chopper)
Dam: Multi Group Placing, Ch. Sarron Simply Irresistable, CD, RN, HIC, HOF, ROM (Bacardi)

CERF:BSD-EYE72/71M-VPI (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Epilepsy:Seizure free
Sex:M/2 -neutered.
BSD-CA85/44M/C-VPI, Euth: Aug 1, 21
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Limited Frozen Semen from Jackson is available to approved bitches.

Jackson is Blue Boy from the Bacardi x Chopper litter and resides here at Sarron. He was my pick from a very young age and is a moderate boy, standing 25" tall and is VERY square!!!

Jackson has effortless movement and eventhough he is a very square dog, his side gait is very free flowing. His front and rear movement are quite sound as well and his temperament is "to die" for. He gets along well with everyone! He has tremendous outline, good substance and a lovely, pleasing headpiece.

Jackson has a complete, level bite. I have very high hopes for this boy! His body style reminds me much more of his grand-sire Harley (Ch. Sarron Obvious Choice) than of his sire or dam. His pedigree is highly linebred on Ch. Johnsondale's Jory V Torbrook, CD, ROM and I have hopes that he'll mature very true to his pedigree. Once he matures -he'll be out the shows!

Jackson started his show career in Louisville, KY in March 10'. He took Winners Dog his very first show for 1 pt. And, he supported the entry the other 3 days! LOL Poor Jackson - I have some more training to do with him so that he understands what's required for this "dog show game".

Jackson picked up his first major at Central Ohio KC on April 25, 2010 - a 4 pt'er!!! YEAH JACKSON!!! He showed very well (MUCH better than Louisville weekend) and acted like he understood what I wanted him to do!!! YEAH Jackson! Good BOY!! He has 5 pts now toward his AKC Championship.

Jackson picked up his second major at Greater Clarksburg KC on May 22 - 3pts. Then earned 2 more pts the next day at Blennerhassett KC going WD and BOB. Jackson went WD and BOS over a very nice male special at Cincinnati KC over Memorial Day to pick up 4 more points and now just needs a single to finish his championship.

Jackson finished his championship at the Echo Hills shows in June 2010 - he took RWD the first day and then picked up a final 4 point major on Sunday to finish with 4 majors!!! Now - he gets to stay home and grow up a bit!!!

Jackson started showing as a special in September 2011 - and was Best of Breed both days in Clermont KC and also Best of Breed both days in Columbus, IN KC shows. He picked up a Group 3 his second weekend out!! WOOHOO!!! What a dog! :) He's a very good boy.

Jackson is continuing to do a great job at the shows!!! This fall - he's picked up up 10 Best of Breeds, 3 Group Placements, 1 Award of Merit and 4 Majors toward his Grand Championship - and we are only at November 24, 2011. He still has one more weekend of shows this year. He is a joy to travel with and to show and gets along with everyone!!! What a great Boy!

Jackson finished out 2011 picking up a Select over a Specialty show weekend in Michigan and started 2012 very well. In January 2012, Jackson showed 8 days and picked up 6 Best of Breeds over competition and 2 Selects. He finished his Grand Championship in January 2012 and was bred for the first time! What a month! Puppies due from Jackson the beginning of March 2012.

Jackson has been quite solid in his wins and placing in 2012. He started out well in January, showed at Westminster KC in February 2012. Went to the BSCA National Specialty in April 2012 and made it through the first cut. He has been out regularly in May and June and is #6 BSD at the end of June in breed points in the country. Planning on breeding Jackson to Star this winter for some more babies from him too!

Jackson finished up May 2012 with a Group 4, was very solid in June with 6 Best of Breed wins and finished up July GREAT! with 3 Best of Breed wins and 3 Group Placements. He picked up a lovely Group 2 at Lorain County KC in August and is well on his way to a comfortable Top 5 spot in Belgians! Thank You to all the Judges who have recognized and rewarded his quality this summer!

Jackson started August 2012 out with a lovely Group 2 (referenced above) and then went out one more weekend in the month. He picked up two nice Best of Breed wins over the Western Reserve KC weekend, and a fabulous Group 2 under Judge Vincent Grosso. He was also entered in the Owner-handler series that day and picked up a OH Herding Group 1, then went on to take OH-BIS!!! What a lovely win for this breeder-owner-handled dog to add to an already great day!!!

Jackson took September 2012 off as Mike and I traveled a bit. But, he came back and had a GREAT October 2012!!! In October 2012, Jackson was entered in 6 shows. He took Best of Breed 5 of those 6 shows and 1 Select. He also picked up 2 Herding Group 2's, 2 Herding Group 3's and 1 Herding Group 4 in October!!! YEAH JACKSON!!! Then, he decided to blow all of his coat at the end of October!! uggghhh... nooooo Jackson!!! He did show one weekend in November 2012 - and picked up 2 Owner Handler Best of Breeds, followed by 2 Owner Handler Group 1's!!! Jackson is spending November, December and January at home to grow coat!!!!

Jackson has been cleaning up the first quarter of 2013! In April 2013, at the Terre Haute cluster, he took 3 Best of Breeds, a Group 1 and a Group 3 in the regular herding group. And picked up two Group 1's and another Owner Handler Best in SHOW!!!! He earned two Best of Breeds the last weekend of April at the Ft St Clair Cluster in Eaton Ohio. Then we went to Bucyrus, Ohio the first weekend of May and he earned two Best of Breeds, followed by a Group 2 and a Group 3 at those shows. He went to the Marietta, Ohio shows and earned four Best of Breeds with one Group 4 placement. He went to the Warren County KC shows over Memorial Day Weekend and earned 4 Best of Breeds, with 2 Group 4 placements in the regular Herding Group and a Group 1 and Group 2 in the Owner Handler Groups! Jackson is the #1 Belgian Sheepdog in Owner Handler competition and the #5 Dog OVERALL in the Owner Handler Points Ranking at this time. He is also #7 in Group Points for his breed!!! Jackson has 130 of the 150 points needed to be recognized for his Show Dog Hall of Fame by the BSCA!!! Working toward that HOF award and his Bronze Grand Championship this summer!!!!

Jackson took the summer of 2013 off from Dog showing to blow his coat immediately after picking up a Group 3 at Echo Hills KC in June under Mr. David Anthony. He came back out in the last week of October 2013, to pick up two nice Best of Breed wins over nice specials competition to finish the requirements for his Bronze Grand Championship!!! He also picked up an Owner Handler Group 4 and OH Group 1 at the Delaware shows!!! back to work for the rest of 2013 to try and finish up his HOF requirements!

Jackson came back out the end of October 2013 and picked up a couple more Best of Breeds at the Delaware KC shows in Ohio. Then went on to the Columbus, Ohio shows and picked up a nice Best of Breed and Best of Opp Sex that weekend. We headed to Tallmadge Ohio the end of November for one Best of Breed and one Best of Opp Sex before taking a break before Eukanuba.

We headed down to Orlando Florida in December 2013 to compete at the final All Breed show where Jackson picked up a nice Select. Then we stayed for the Sunshine Herding Specialty on Friday, December 12, 2013, where he earned another nice Select... then the FUN started!!! Jackson took Best of Breed in the Owner Handler Inviational National on Friday morning under judge Ms. Leah James. She complimented the entire entry, saying it was one of the nicest Belgian Groups she'd ever judged. We headed for the group a bit later and Jackson went HERDING GROUP 1 at the OH Invitational on Friday December 13, 2013!!! What a THRILL!!!! LOVE IT!!! A very nice Min Pin went Best in Show - but it was quite a thrill to be in that line up!

On Sunday, December 15, 2013, Jackson and I competed at the Eukanuba National Championship under English judge Mr. Steve Hall. It was a LOVELY line up and Jackson took BEST OF BREED and BEST BRED BY!!! Again - what a thrill!!!! We made the cut in a lovely Herding Bred By Group and had fun showing in the Herding Group on Sunday evening!! What a FABULOUS way to end the show year!!! Love this boy!!

Jackson has picked up some additional Best of Breed wins as well a Group 4 under Thomas Alexander at Ravenna KC in May 2014. He picked up two Best of Opp wins to his sister, Emmy, over the McKinley weekend. And, then two nice Best of Breed wins at Echo Hills KC in June 2014. He also picked up a Group 3 win at Echo Hills under judge Mrs. MaryAnne Brocious!!! Just four more points to a HOF award! Jackson took Best of Breed and a Group 3 win under judge Mrs. Francine Schwartz at Lake Shore KC in June 21, 2014 to complete the necessary wins to earn his Show Dog Hall of Fame from the BSCA!!!! WOO HOO!!! Very proud of Jackson for earning the Show Dog Hall of Fame (HOF) award - just like his mother, Bacardi!!! He will now start to focus on some performance titles while still going out in conformation a bit. :)

Jackson picked up a LOVELY Group 4 win at the Lima KC Show the last weekend in June 2014 under respected Judge Mr. Jack Ireland. Jackson took one weekend off of conformation shows to participate in Rally Trials July 12-13, 2014. He picked up his first two Rally Novice legs with respectable scores of 98 and 95! Then he followed that exceptional win up with a GROUP 2 placement at the Huntington KC show on July 6th 2014 under the wonderful Mrs. Paula Hartinger. She told me that she thought he should get steak that night for his win! And I agreed!!!! Jackson went to the Dan Emmet shows the end of July and earned 3 very nice Best of Breed wins in three shows, as well as 2 Owner Handler Best of Breeds and an OWNER HANDLER GROUP 1!!! He is headed out Aug 9-10 to try and finish up his Rally Novice title!

On August 10,2014 - Jackson finished up his Rally Novice title!! with a First place no less. We then headed to St Clairsville KC shows on Aug 16-17, 2014 and he picked up two Herding Group 3's under Mr. David Anthony and Mrs. Joan Kefeli!!! He also took two Owner Handler Group 1's!!! that same weekend!!! WOO HOO!!! Jackson took Select Dog in a nice entry at Western Reserve KC shows as he was shown by a good friends young son. The two of them had a blast!!! Thank you Eamon for showing Jackson that weekend so I could stay with Tinker!!! The last weekend in August, Jackson and I went to compete in the heavy competition at the Blue Grass Cluster in Lexington, KY. Jackson earnd two nice Best of Breed wins that weekend and picked up a Herding Group 3 under judge Mrs. Jackie Stacy and a Herding Group 2 under judge Mr. Harry (Butch) Schulmann!!! that weekend!!! WOW!!! What HUGE Wins!!!! It was wonderful!!! I didn't think I could beat that weekend in a million years...

Sept 6-7, 2014 - Jackson and I went to Clermont County Shows in Cincinnati Ohio. Jackson picked up Two Owner Handler Group 1's this weekend and picked up a Group 4 under Judge Mrs Sandy Wheat on Saturday. Then on Sunday Jackson earned an Herding Group 1!!! Under judge Mr. Jack Ireland!!! What a THRILL in those lovely entries to go to BEST IN SHOW that day.... We showed our hearts out for Judge Mr. Ken Buxton who decided that Jackson would take home the RESERVE BEST IN SHOW RIBBON that day!!! Again WHAT A THRILL. On cloud nine for days after that win!!!! Jackson and I are taking a few weeks off to recharge after several big weeks out! He'll be back in the Conformation and Obedience ring in October!

Jackson took two very nice Best of Breed wins the last weekend of October and also picked up his first two legs toward his Companion Dog Title in October. He finished up his CD title on Nov 8, 2014 with a 188 which qualified him for 3rd place in the class!!! GOOD BOY JACKSON!!! Jackson earned his Silver GRCH also.

Jackson went out in November 2014 to the Columbus Cluster and did well. He was Select Dog on Thursday and Saturday and took Best of Breed on Friday. He was out of coat- so these were nice wins for him and in VERY GOOD competition! Then I took Jackson to Orlando, Florida in December for the Florida Cluster, OH National Championships and Eukanuba - this was our last planned outing for his show career. Jackson was spectacular!!! Jackson took Best of Breed - Owner Handled on Wednesday at the All Breed show, then he took a FABULOUS Select Dog wiin at the Herding Dog Specialty Show on Friday. The Best part of Friday was his repeat BEST OF BREED at Owner Handler Invitational!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Jackson finished up the 2014 Eukanuba shows going Select Dog on Sunday. The competition here was the TOP Belgian Sheepdogs in the Country!!! So Proud of my boy for doing so well!!!

Jackson turned 7 yrs on March 25, 2015. He is a great dog - and hopefully he and I will go out together in Veterans a few times still to come. Jackson and I showed at the BSCA Regional Specialty in Louisville the beginning of March and he took Select Dog at that Regional!! What a great win! Exceptional entry at the Regional - and Jackson still shines!!! Looking forward to starting him in herding his spring!

Jackson wrapped up his show career with me in May 2015. We had a great time through all of our travels. He is SUCH a special dog. :) He started his retirment life with Daryl Payne in Mansfield, Oh in May 2015. Jackson is a great companion to Daryl, adores her just as much as she adores him and is living the life of ease and relaxation now. I'll keep his page udpated with photos of him and his new mom. :)

Jackson and Daryl are doing well going into 2019. Jackson will be 11 years old in 2019 and enjoys keeping Daryl company.

In 2020, the AKC created the National Owner Handler Series Award Recognition program - with similar level awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platnum) to the Grand Champion program. The AKC is initially recognizing dogs from the inception of the program so that means that Jackson will receive a Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver (OHGCHS) award!! YEAH JACKSON!!! He only needed 5 pts to reach the Gold level. Jackson and I had a GREAT TIME showing in Owner Handler and regular AKC competition and I treasure all of our memories. The best part now for him is his WONDERFUL owner, Daryl, who loves him with all her heart and makes sure he is living his best life now!

Jackson had to leave Daryl on Aug 1, 21. Daryl gave him a great retirement and I will be forever greatful to the love he received after he left us here. When she called me to let me know that she had to let him go, we both cried, again... He was a great dog that I was fortunate to have in my life and I'm so very glad to see his grandson in my yard today. Until we meet again sweet boy...