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Litter: Sarron James Bond Litter
Dam: Champion Sarron Casino Royale, CGC, CD, BN, RAE, RAT-O, CA (Casi)
Sire: RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver Sarron Simply Complicated, CGC, CD, RN, HOF (Jackson)
DoB: March 6, 2012

Sarron welcomes the James Bond litter on March 6, 2012. These two boys are already spoken for. Please consider our upcoming litter out of Star x Jackson.

Casi is being a great mom!!! Eventhough things started rough with these boys. Casi only had two puppies - we knew that so I was monitoring her closely near the end of her pregnancy term. Her temperature really didn't drop and she was eating very well :). So, on Monday, March 5, 2012 (her birthday) we decided to take her in and have a progesterone test completed. The results on Tuesday, March 6th showed that her level had dropped, so we went ahead and had a c-section done in fear that these two little puppies may not be enough to start her into labor. The boys were born about 9:15 am on Tuesday,March 6, 2012. Both weighed 15 oz. at birth. They were a little slow at first due to the anestasia that Casi received but, both mom and the boys were doing very well by the end of the day.

Week 1
Since there are only two of them - they eat and sleep at will. They are VERY content boys. At the end of Week 1 both the boys were up to 2 lbs! They doubled their weights in 7 days. They were both a bit slow to really get going and since there is not any real challenge for food - they are not all that motivated to move about or tussel for position. BLue is a bit more laid back then Red is - but both are very sweet and will cuddle up against people when we pet them.

Week 2
The second week started out a bit uneasy as the boys started to move around more and get more attention. Casi was a bit unhappy with the human in the household for interfearing with her parenting skills and we wondered if she would really do OK with the mothering job. At the end of week 2, Blue is up to 4 lbs and Red is at 3 lbs, 12 oz. So, for as much as I've worried about the puppies and constantly told Casi to get back in the box and take care of the boys - it is obvious that she is taking are of them by their growth rate. :)

Week 3
Starting into week 3, Red boy is the first to start opening the inner corner of his eyes. I noticed this on Tuesday. Blue is a day or so behind. They are pushin up on their legs more and toddeling around. Starting to bark and growl in their sleep but still very cuddly. More photos to come! Week 3 has been an important one - they started to eat puppy gruel! I make puppy gruel with powdered goats milk, Puppy Gold and baby rice cereal at first and then slowly add in powdered ground dog kibble (Taste of the Wild- Bison for these boys). Their eyes and ears are fully open, and they are doing great on different surfaces - like tile, wood floor, news paper, sheepskin and they have several new toys including a bright orange tunnel and a tippy board! Red is my "Growling-dael" and Blue is the "Groaning-dael" of the litter... I also set up the puppy pen off of the welping box - so now they have 8 feet of space to run around in. Half is still their sheepskin bed (solid walls) and the other half is newspaper with slatted sides so they can see more of their surroundings. They had their first outdoor adventure on April 1, and did great! They liked the grass and explored their new backyard.

Week 4
Week 4 has been a very fun week for the boys. This week - they really started moving around, zipping back and forth through their tunnel, walking accross the tippy board without out hesitation and interacting well with us, the other dogs and new friends. They both are getting their full sets of needle sharp puppy teeth in and do LOVE to chew on everything. They had more visitors this week - Friday one of the new owners, Jennifer B. from Wisconsin stopped by for a quick cuddle and visit on her way home. The boys are VERY cuddley when being held so they slept through the first part of her visit - but did finally wake up a bit before she left to run around. Then a bit later, Sonny and Phyllis (they own the boys' uncle NikkO) came over for some puppy cuddling. Red and Blue both obliged them with puppy cuddles. BIG THANKS to Sonny and Phyllis for the new toys! The boys adore them! This week, they got to go outside more. The weather has been great and we have large x-pen sent up outside with a sunshade on it. They can play with toys, their tunnel and get some great fresh air out there. This week, mr Red actually walked to the back of the yard with us (and back!) Blue ended up being carried to the back and then walked back. They are VERY responsive to "Pup, Pup, Pup"... and are working their "recalls!" LOL. Cousin Cara and Grandma Bacardi spend some time with the boys this week. Cara played with them very well! Got a great video that I need to post. Enjoy the photos! They are getting very cute.

Week 8
These boys were absolutely a joy to have for almost 9 weeks. They have two great homes eagerly awaiting them at almost 9 weeks and we headed out to Toledo to meet the two sets of new owners. We arrived at the Cracker Barrell in Toledo and met Brenda and Eric Matthews of London, Ontario, Canada. They have a cousin to Linkin (blue boy) already - out of Harley. We enjoyed meeting Eric and Brenda in person and it was great that they were able to see and meet both boys, but when it came down to it - Eric was sure Blue boy was Linkin! They made a great choice! Jennifer Babcock and Greg Hanson met us at the same place and were pleased to pick up red boy - now known as Romi. He's a doll and gets loads of love and attention from Jen and her entire family. Watching these boys grow up will be a blast. They are confident boys with wonderful temperments and structure.

CERF:BSD-1869 (08, 10, 11, 14)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Comp / Level
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CERF:BSD-EYE72/71M-VPI (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Epilepsy:Seizure free
Sex:M/2 -neutered.
BSD-CA85/44M/C-VPI, Euth: Aug 1, 21
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Sarron James Bond Litter litter - Born: March 6, 2012 -
Champion Sarron Casino Royale CGC, CD, BN, RAE, RAT-O, CA x RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver Sarron Simply Complicated CGC, CD, RN, HOF
NameSexHipsElbowsEyesCHICLinksDentition / BiteThyroidOther Information
Sarron ThunderballM/2Full 1 testicle retained
Sarron For Your Eyes OnlyM/2FullCan CH. AKC Pointed OCD right shoulder, repaired surgically