Unforgettable of Dark Brightness  

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Unforgettable of Dark Brightness,
DoB: 10/6/2001 - 7/2014

CERF:BSD-1427 (03)
Epilepsy:Seizures began 6/04
Vestibular Attack - Died July 2014
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Natalie was owned by the Smith family from the Cleveland area. Natalie came over from the Netherlands in December of 2001. Natalie and her brother made the long trip very well - and bounded out of their crate as though the 14 hour trip had only taken an hour. Many thanks to Natalie's breeder, Angela Pos, Of Dark Brightness, for sending her to the United States. :)

Natalie is a solid girl, about 23.5" tall and weighs 55 lbs. She has good bone and substance and a very pleasing eye and headpiece. Natalie has full dentition and a scissor bite. Natalie was chosen because her grand-sire is Rumor's sire and I was interested in getting some additional access to that bloodline.

Natalie was out a bit in conformation during the Fall of 2003, where she picked up several points towards her championship. Then in November, she flew off to Montreal for a rendezvous with Harley (AM/Can Ch. Sarron Obvious Choice). She gave birth to 7 puppies (4 boys and 3 girls) on January 15, 2004.

Natalie attended Herding lessons in April 2004 and her ability is quite impressive - especially for having such a novice handler (ME!!). If I could just stay out of the line of sight between her and the stock - her life would be much easier!! LOL

Natalie is the dam of the Sarron Biker litter out of AKC/CKC Ch. Sarron Obvious Choice, born January 15, 2004. Please see the Previous Litters page to find out more information and see pictures of Natalie's offspring.

In May 2004, Natalie was out in the backyard, running - full throttle with the other Belgians. She slammed, head first, into a heavy gauge ex-pen. She literally was tumbled up in the air, flipped end-over-end and landed inside the ex-pen. She was visably shaken and I took her the vet immediately. We determined she had no broken bones, but the impact to her neck and spine was definite - along with soft tissue bruising. Natalie was rested away from the other dogs and went through neck/shoulder adjustments for 8 weeks. She recovered well.

In July 2004, Natalie had recovered and was out running with the pack when she experienced a grand mal seizure. This seizure was during a high adrenaline period. She recovered from the seizure and we went off to the vet for bloodwork and a check up. Nothing showed on the bloodwork and she recovered fine from the seizure. A repeat of this incidence happened approximately 4 weeks later the beginning of August 2004. At that point, I spayed her and placed her in a home in October 2004.

Both of the seizures that Natalie experienced were during high periods of adrenaline and activity. I am unsure if Natalie suffers from idopathic epilesy - I attribute these seizures to the head trauma she suffered in May 04. She has not experienced any additional seizures since she was relocated to a home with less stimulation in Oct O4, although she is on meds to midigate any seizure risk. I did notify all of the puppy owners from the "Biker Litter" as to what happened with Natalie and advised them of things to watch for. One of the female puppies, Alexa, did begin to seizure in March 2009.

As of October 2004, Natalie resides with Venette, Randy and Ben Smith in Ohio. She is the queen of the house and keeps her daughter Jazzy in line :) and Grizzy company. Natalie enjoys working in agility with Venette- she loves to jump! But, primarily she loves being with the family!

Update in January 2012. Nattie is going great! Just updated a photo of her below from her 10th birthday in Oct 2011 - she has little grey eyebrows. :) What a doll!!! She and her daughter, Jasper, still have "family discussions" about which girl is in charge. She is doing great health wise too. Thank you Venette and Randy for taking such great care of this girl. Natalie is on meds to control her epilepsy and still has infrequent seizures.

Natalie passed away in July 2014. From what Vennette described, she had a massive vestibular attack and just couldn't come back from it. We will all miss Natalie. She was a good girl. RIP Natalie.