Indigo Hill Distinctively Sarron  

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CH. Indigo Hill Distinctively Sarron,
DoB: December 4, 12 - April 18, 22
Sire: Ch SumerWynd's York (York)
Dam: GCh Ch Sumerwynd's Qyrie of Indigo Hill, RA OA OAJ NF (Qyrie)

OFA:Elbow:R - Normal, L - DJD1
CERF:BSD-EYE121 (13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Full Dentition, Scissor bite
Spayed Feb 2019
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Tinky is the newest addition to the Sarron pack! She arrived on February 2, 2013 from Indigo Hill, Michele Ricci. Michele is Tinker's breeder and co-owner. Tinky is sweet, red girl from Micheles' D litter, and a little brat none the less. Her hobbies (at 10 weeks of age) include teething on toys, shoes, adult dogs, and human hands. When spending time with her human 'dad', she loves to run like a fiend in the back yard. When spending time with her human 'mom', she likes to pee, preferably on the floor, every ten minutes. She occasionally shows her classical Greek roots, as she does trireme style rams into bigger dogs' shoulders to get their attention.

Tinker is growing into a lovely young girl. She was quite successful at puppy matches, during her 4-6 month age. She was out at many dog shows during that time, meeting new people and learning what dog shows were about. She handled the shows very well. Then, we had a litter of puppies on June 11, 2013, so Tinker became a "big sis" to 8 little Belgian Babies. She went to her first "real" dog shows at Echo Hill KC in Troy Ohio and took RWB her first show out at just barely 6 months. Tinker is a big girl, standing 23 1/2" tall at 8 months. She has full dentition and a deep scissors bite, and tons of coat. Most importantly, Tinker is a great dog with other dogs and people and she just ADORES Samantha.... she is a great Big Sister!! Tinker will start to be shown as she matures. She is a lovely big girl and I look forward to seeing how she matures. Thanks Michele!!! for entrusting Tinker to US!!!

As a budding doggie felon, Tinker already has several AKAs, including: Tinky, TinkTink, Little Shit, Bitey, Bitey Bitch. Of course Tinker thinks that her human 'mom' has named her 'AAH AAH NO NO'.

Tinker started her show career early and went out for exposure and experience to start with...she surprised everyone (well, maybe not Mike!) when she went Winner Bitch, and BEST OF BREED from the classes of 3 bitch specials at Licking River KC to pick up her first 4 pt major at just over 9 months!!! YEAH TINKER!!!! She also picked up a Puppy Group 2 that day! As of the end of October 2013, Tinker has 6 pts toward her AKC Championship!

Tinker picked up her second major at the November 2013 shows in Columbus, Ohio. At the end of 2013, Tinker has amassed 9 of the 15 points she needs to finish her championship AND has both majors!!! Yeah Tinker!!! Tinker is a big (almost 24"!!!), happy girl! Tinker picked up ANOTHER Major at the Louisville, KY shows in March 2014! Tinker went Winners Bitch for 3 pts on Friday, March 14, 2014! Tinker now has 12 points of the 15 needed to complete her AKC Championship! Tinker also has Clear/Normal Eye rating!

Tinker and I went out to the Western Reserve KC shows in Cleveland, Oh Aug 23-24, 2014 and Tinker went Winners Bitch both days!!! She won Saturday under Mr. Larry Adams and then Sunday took another MAJOR under Mrs. Deb Anthony to finish her Championship!!! WOO HOOO for Tinker!!!! She went to the shows in Sept with Jackson and I and got her Eye cleared again, as well as her Cardiac cert!!! We'll do her Hips and Elbows in December! What a good girl!

Tinker received a Fair rating on her hips and had one elbow that did not pass certification in 2014. Tinker will be spayed and will continue on at Sarron as the primary puppy Auntie and possibly dabble in Rally. Tinker is a good girl who ADORES her Dad - Mike! She will take on her biggest challenge this summer when the Irish Wolfhound puppy arrives! :)

Tinker is doing well in 2016. We have relocated and Tinker loves her new house and yard. She's a great girl.

Tinker celebrated her 6th birthday in December 2018. Tinker is doing well, keeping order in the house with all the young Belgians. She will be spayed in 2019 and settle in as one of our matriarch here.

Tinker was spayed in February and recovered well. She had her eyes and heart checked at the National clinic in April 2019. All is good with Tinker and she is still running the house.

Tinker is doing well in March 2020. She is now officially a "veteran" at 7 yrs of age and she participated in the BSCA sponsored EMBARK DNA testing process this year. Tinker is healthy and we are thankful to have her in our home. Her Embark link is available in her health table.

In mid-April 2021, Tinker began to favor and keep weight off her left front leg. It was intermittant to start with and she also has DJD1 in her left elbow. So, we did an xray of her elbow, which really looked fine and then determined this was likely just a soft tissue injury, so we treated her with some pain meds and limited her exercise. As the month of April went on, the limping and painfulness in her left leg did not resolve. So, we did another round of xrays, this time on the entire left front leg. From the second set of Xrays, Tinker was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left front leg in early May 2021.

After consulting with several vet oncologists, we decided that the best way to treat this situation was to amputate her leg, then we would complete chemotherapy and finally - if we can get the cancer in remission, we will have a vaccine made from her tumor and she will be vaccinated against that tumor type. The first part of this treatment is fairly standard and the oncologist felt that we could extend her life by 2-3 years. Since she is just a little over 8 yrs old, this seemed to be the best option for us. The latter part of the treatment is still very experiemental, so we will just play that through to see if we can get any incremental value for her.

On May 13, 2021 we had Tinkers' leg amputated. Having a front leg amputated is a traumatic surgery, period. But, she did well with the surgery and healed up well too. We struggled more with her loss of a limb than she did and she quickly learned to get around on 3 legs just as well as she had with 4. She was obviously in much less pain and discomfort after the leg was removed, too. On June 3rd we started Chemotherapy with Tinker. She received an injection once every 4 weeks for 4 treatments - as long as her body could handle it. We had to complete blood work on her before each chemotreatment to make sure her body had recoved well enough from the last treatment. Tinker was a CHAMP!!! She only had one rough day and that was after the very first treatment. After that, she bounced back well. The total plan for treatment is that after we complete the 4 Chemo treatments, we will do blood work and some xrays to ensure that the cancer hasn't spread to any other parts of her body. As long as she is in remission - we'll do the vaccine. As of July 18, 21 - Tinker is doing well with her amputation and treatment. We stay very hopeful that she will continue to handle this well and be with us for several more years.

As of Sept 1, 21 - Tinker has completed her four Chemo treatments. We will have her chest xrayed in 2 weeks to make sure that is still clear and if all is OK - we'll start with her Cancer Vaccines 2 weeks after the xrays. Tinker has done amazingly well through her recovery and treatment. We hope to have a continued positive prognosis with her and to have her for many more years in our family.

On Sept 9, we had x-rays completed of Tinkers lungs and chest. Things still look clear and with the blessing of our primary vet and our oncologist vet, we decided to move forward with the Torigent Vaccine. I called Torigen on Sept 10th and followed up with an email including the xrays, as well as a CC: of our primary vet and the onocologist vet requesting they move forward with the cancer vaccine creation for Tinker. Our primary vet received the vaccine vial on Sept 13th and we gave Tinker the first vaccine on Sept 14th. She will receive a total of 3 vaccines, each one week apart (Sept 21st and Sept 28th) for this part of her treatment. She is also back on the piroxicam, which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has shown some benefit in slowing cancer growths.

Tinker handled her first cancer vaccine well on Sept 14th - no issues at all. She acts completly normal, jumps on the couch and bed, still waits for her leftovers at dinner time and is an active member of our pack. She has a great attitude and does not appear to be in any pain or discomfort. It still takes two adults to trim her toenails :) Tinker will be 9 years old on Dec 4, 2021 and we expect to celebrate that birthday in style and hope for many more with her. We appreciate everyone keeping her in your thoughts.

Tinker completed her cancer vaccine treatment on Sept 21 and 28,2021. She is doing well, and feeling fine. We will complete Xrays quarterly on her to make sure her lungs are clear and will watch for any other issue - but at this point - we'd like to think she has beat this cancer! :)

Tinker had her Blood Work and Chest xRays in December 2021 - and all was clear. We have been very pleased with her recovery. Then in Mid January 2022 - we noticed that Tinker seemed to be bloated. We took her back to the vet and had blood work completed - which showed there was an issue. WE did another chest xray which was still clear so we were a bit perlexed. Tinker was still eating and drinking, but just seemed be not feel well. We took her back the vet a few days later and did some more xrays and found a mass in her abdomen. We then took her back to the oncologist who did an ultra sound and a needle biopsy to confirm that Tinker now has hemangiosarcoma in her liver. The oncologist started another chemo treatment with her immediately - on Feb 2, 2022. This protocol is different than the one she went through for the bone cancer and we know that this cancer is not operable and will eventually take her life. BUT, as of March 5, 2022 - she is responding well to the chemo and med treatment and is feeling better. We don't know how long this treatment will give her but we are enjoying the days that we have. Spending time out in the sunshine in the back yard. Lots of belly rubs on the couch,,, etc.. Tinker is a tough dog and is not ready to go just yet. :)

Tinker fought a very brave battle against the liver cancer. We started treatment on Feb 2, 22 - and went through March 22'. Tinker started to go down hill the beginning of April '22 - she just wasn't responding well to the treatment anylonger. We enjoyed our last few days with her, spent a lot of time in the sun and grass and giving belly rubs. We said goodbye to Tink on April 18, 22. She was a very good girl and we are sad to let her go - but it was time.