Liswyn's Gypsies in the Palace Mika  

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CH. Liswyn's Gypsies in the Palace Mika, FCAT, RI, CGC, BN
DoB: September 20, 2017
Sire: GCHG Hobbiton's Song of Sologmon of Laralee RN HSAD HSASM NA NAJ (Solomon)
Dam: CH Mika India Liswyn (India)

CERF:BSD-EYE538/(18, 19, 20, 21)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
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Gypsy was bred by, and co-owned with, Kathy Sutton(Mika) and Lisa Leffingwell(Liswyn) in Texas. She is a lovely girl that came to Sarron in December 2017. Gypsy has a different pedigree from most other dogs here at Sarron and we look forward to watching her grow. She is a good sized girl, with good length of leg, lovely coat and headpiece and a sweet temperment. Gypsy is having a great time, growing up with her other doggie friends at Sarron. We look forward to her future here and really appreciate Kathy and Lisa entrusting Gypsy to us!

Gypsy is such a good girl and is starting to fill out now the end of 2018. Gypsy is a slow maturer and hopefully be able to get out into the show ring in 2019. She is so sweet and easy to live with. She is a great addition at the Sarron house.

Gypsy was entered at the BSCA National in 2019 and took 1st place in a very nice American Bred Class. She is growing up and coming together. Gypsy has been a STAR in FASTCAT! Gypsy easily gained enough points to finish her BCAT in 2 weekends of trials. She LOVES To run and is very focused and determined. Gypsy will continue in FASTCAT and will head into the Conformation ring in 2019 as well.

Gypsy is doing great in 2020. Gypsy participated in the Embark DNA research sponsored by the BSCA this year. You can visit her public profile via the link in her health table. Gypsy is a healthy girl who will be showing in conformation this year as well as heading back to compete in FastCat and work on her higher titles.

Gypsy has been running in some FastCAT events in June 2020 - which she LOVES!!! She is up to 425 points - so her next weekend in the Fall 2020 should earn her a DCAT title!!! GREAT WORK GYPSY!!!

Gypsy is closing in on her DCAT title in Summer 2020. She only need 29 more points as of Aug 2020. She also easily earned her Rally Novice (RN) title and her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) cert this summer. Big plans in store for the fall for Gypsy! Watch this space for updates!

Gypsy and I earned her Rally Intermediate title in Sept 2020 with respectable scores. Her points off were directly my fault... not hers! But, we got it! Gypsy is entered in FastCat the end of September in hopes of completing her DCAT and we'll continue to have fun with FastCat to get to her FCAT next year! She is at 471 points right now and needs 500 points for her DCAT. Gypsy had her eye exam in Sept 2020 and her eyes still look great!

Gypsy finished her second FastCat title in September 2020. She now has her DCAT title!! YEAH GYPSY!!!

Gypsy and I went to dog shows in Smithfield Ohio over Labor Day weekend 2021 and Gypsy came away with TWO - 3 pt majors! Good Girl Gypsy!!! She showed great - even in the rain and was just a great ambassador of the breed. She is starting to come back into coat and I hope to be able to keep her out this fall and get her Championship finished!! WOO HOO!!!

Gpysy completed her FCAT title in November 2021! She does love to run and once we made attending FASTCAT tests a priority -- Gypsy finished her FCAT in short order. She is the first dog here at Sarron to earn a FCAT! YEAH GYPSY!!!

Gypsy picked up 1 pt at Clermont County in October and then Gypsy went to the Central Ohio Cluster in Novmeber and she picked up 2 more Winners Bitch wins - and won a 3 pt major at Lima Kennel Club and 1 pt at Dayton Kennel Club. She is up to 11 pts now and has 3 majors. She just needs 4 singles to finish her AKC Championship. Gypsy is entered in Beginner Novice obedience in January 2022! Wish us LUCK!

Gypsy and I competed in Beginners Novice the first weekend in January 2022. Gypsy was a very good girl and picked up a 194/200 for her first leg on Saturday. We went back the next day and she heeled better and was more attentive - and we were on our way to a 196... when she anticipated the recall at the last exercise and we NQd. Oh well - we will work on that and we'll try again in February! Gypsy is a very devoted dog who gives 100% for all the activities that we do!

Gypsy completed her Beginner Novice title in March 22. She finished with a 196/200 and a 4th place in the class. She also showed in some conformation shows in April and picked up 2 more points toward her championship. Gypsy now has 13 points toward her championship. We will try to finish her championship this year!

Gypsy headed to Texas in November 2022 to stay with breeder/co-owner Kathy Sutton in order to be bred. She finished her Championship in March 2023 and was bred the end of March 2023 - we have our fingers crossed that Gypsy will have some lovely puppies in Texas with Kathy the end of May 2023 and then come back to Ohio to work on some additional performance titles. :)