Sarron Age of Ultron  

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2021 BSCA National Specialty AOM, UKC Group Winning, UKC BIS-ALter, EGCH, AKC CH Sarron Age of Ultron, CD, RAE2, RM2, RATN, FCAT, CGC, TKI, ATT, FDC, BN-V, HOF-R
DoB: May 8, 16
Sire: RBIS,Multi-OH-BIS, Multiple Group Winning, Owner Handler Grand Champion Silver, Grand Champion Silver Sarron Simply Complicated, CGC, CD, RN, HOF (Jackson)
Dam: OH-BIS, Group Placing CH. Sarron Witchy Woman (Samantha)

CERF:BSD-EYE484/22M(17,19, 21)
OFA:BSD-CA144/35M/C-VPI (19, 21)
Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:Full, Scissor
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Flynn is Red Boy from the Samantha x Jackson litter and he is owned by Meagan Fereance and co-owned by Sarron. Very excited to watch Flynn grow up and see all the fun things that he and Meagan will do!!!!

Flynn and Meagan have had some fun lately too!! Flynn is a BIG boy and will take a while to really mature, but he and Meagan are having fun while they wait. Flynn went out in early December 2016 to his first UKC Show and took Breed - which was a good start. Then, this little 7 month old, gangly boy went into UKC Herding Group and took a GROUP 1 over some exceptional competition to pick up his first UKC Competition win!! WOOO HOO!! So excited to watch Flynn and Meagan!

Flynn and Meagan showed in UKC in Feb 2017 and picked up the last win needed for Flynn to finish his UKC Championship!! YEAH!!! They also picked up a Herding Group 2 that day as well! Flynn is a great dog and still just a baby boy! He and Meagan will have a great time in AKC once he matures. Until then, they'll continue to just have fun.

Flynn is SUCH a good dog. Like I said above, Flynn is a big boy - very close to 26" - with lots of leg. Flynn went to the 2017 Belgain Sheepdog National Speciality and took 3rd place in his 9-12 puppy Sweeps class and 3rd in the 9-12 month puppy class under Sharon Redmer. FLynn is taking the summer off from confirmation shows to grow up. He is an exceptional boy - he and Meagan will have a lot of fun together.

Flynn picked up his first point in Columbus, OH shows in November 2017 and his CGC. Meagan and Flynn make a great team! YEAH!!

Flynn and Meagan started 2018 right by picking up Flynns' Trick Dog Novice (TKN) title. They also went to Louisville KC shows this year and showed as a great team!

Flynn and Meagan picked up another point toward his championship in June 2018 at Echo Hills KC show. Great Job!!!!

Flynn and Meagan picked up a VERY NICE MAJOR over specials in September 2018. Flynn now has 8 of the 15 points he needs for his championship in very limited showing. 2019 will be his year to shine!!

Flynn and Meagan went to the UKC Kennel Club of the Blue Grass on Feb 23, 2019 and Flynn took Best of Breed AND A WONDERFUL HERDING GROUP 1!!! This is his first Competition Win twoard his GrCh. YEAH FLYNN!!!

Flynn has continued to do well in 2019 in AKC too! Flynn was entered two days in Louisville in March 2019 and he and Meagan took his second major!!! FABULOUS!! Flynn went to two shows in May and two shows in June - he took Winners Dog all 4 of those shows and finished his AKC Championship in June 2019!! WOO HOO!!! WAY TO GO MEAGAN AND FLYNN!!! So proud of these two!!!!

Flynn and Meagan showed a bit more in 2019 as Flynn was maturing. They started out 2020 with a bang by heading over to Indy and taking Best of Breed/OH Best of Breed the two days they were entered over nice competition. They have started training in agility too. Flynn is a happy boy who loves to do anything with Meagan. I'm very proud of this team! Flynn also had his thyroid tested at the Indy shows and received a Normal OFA rating!!!

Flynn and Meagan went out to the Ohio Classi UKC shows in March 2020 and Flynn did GREAT!! He won the Champions class 4 of the 5 shows and finished his UKC GrCH. title over very nice entries!!! WOO HOO!!! This team has also started some agility training and we hope to see them competing in the fall !!! Flynn is also particiapting in the EMBARK Research sponsored by BSCA. You can see his DNA report via the link in his health table.

Flynn and Meagan showed in October a few times and Flynn looks great! He picked up another point toward his Grand Championship under Mr. James Moses at Clermont County KC show on 10/17. Flynn also earned his Farm Dog Certification (FDC) on 10/16! Nice work Flynn and Meagan!

Meagan and Flynn have stepped into the performance arena in 2021!! Flynn and Meagan completed their Virtual Rally Novice title in April and have started working on Flynns' FASTCAT title too!! Flynn has a great time in dog sports with Meagan and ready for anything. They have recently begun dabbling in some obedience training -so it will not surprise me if some obedience title are in their future too! Great work!!

Meagan and Flynn had a GREAT 2021 BSCA National Specialty. Flynn finished his Rally Novice title with at first place and 100 pts at the National!!! WOO HOO!!! He picked up some additional FastCat points and finally he took an AWARD OF MERIT at the National!!! That is a huge accomplishment as there were MANY nice dogs. WAY TO GO Meagan and Flynn!!! We'll see these two in the Beginner Novice Ring and more in the Rally ring coming in the future.

Flynn and Meagan have been hard at work the summer of 2021. This summer they earned their Beginner Novice - Virtual title and have also earned two Companion Dog legs to their list of accomplishments! Flynn will soon have CD on the end of his name too! They are really having fun in performance events! Great work!

Flynn and Meagan finished up 2021 earning their Companion Dog title!! WOO HOO!!! This is first dog that Meagan has titled in Obedience and the bond that she and Flynn share is very obvious as they work together! Meagan and Flynn are starting training for open obedience now too!!

Flynn and Meagan are still working on performance titles in 2022!!! Flynn and Meagan finished started and finished up their Rally Intermediate title in January 2022. They earned placements with each leg and had respectable scores of 100. 87 and 98! Great work Meagan and Flynn!!!

Flynn and Meagan have been quite busy in 2022. They have earned their Rally Advanced title as well as his DCAT in FastCat in 2022. He is working steadily toward his FCAT as well as training for Open Obedience. I am SO VERY PROUD of this team!! Flynn did get neutered in March 22 - he came through that well. I do have frozen semen stored from Flynn for later use.

Flynn is closing in on his FCAT this summer! He and Meagan hit the UKC conformation ring on Oct 29, 2022 and picked up TWO UKC BEST IN SHOW- ALTERs!!! HUGE WINS for Meagan and FLynn! They both had a blast!! Way to go!

Flynn and Meagan completed his FCAT in March 2023 and are very close to completing their RAE and RACH in the summer of 2023. They also competed in the Rally National Championship in June 2023!! These two just continue to rack up titles and have a GREAT time out in the ring!!!

Flynn and Meagan are doing AMAZING in Rally and as of Feb 2024 - have all their QQQ's for his RACH and are now just working on collecting the rest of the needed points to get his RACH. They will get that finished out this year! WONDERFUL WORK FLYNN and MEAGAN!! They also qualified again in 2024 for the Rally Natioinal Championships in Champions class!! Flynn completed the requirements for his Hall of Fame - Rally from the BSCA Award and was recognized at the 2024 National. Great Work Meagan and Flynn!!!