Sarron Notorious  

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Nat'l Best in Puppy Sweeps, AKC/Int'l/UKC CH. Sarron Notorious,
DoB: March 14, 2018
Sire: Multi Group Placing, Bronze GCh. Mika Itemized Deduction Liswyn, PT (Tax)
Dam: OH-BIS, Group Placing CH. Sarron Witchy Woman (Samantha)

Epilepsy:Seizure Free
Dentition:BSD-DE42/25F-VPI - Full/Scissor
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Tori is Pink Girl from the Samantha X Tax litter born March 14, 2018. We are so excited about this litter and we are just thrilled to have kept Tori! Tori is a lovely, square girl, with good substance, a great front and a great rear. She is as sweet as pie and we just love her. Tori fits in great with all the other dogs at Sarron and loves to sit on the couch and get petted. We are very excited to watch her grow up.

Tori started to practice for AKC Conformation in spring of 2019 at UKC Shows. She earned 30 of the 100 points she needs for her UKC Championship in 2 shows.

Tori started her AKC show career in April 2019. Her first show out in April, she went winners bitch for a point. She then went to the BSCA National in April 2019. Tori was entered in Puppy Sweeps and took her class, and then went on to take BEST IN PUPPY SWEEPS at the National - like her Great, Great grandma Rumor did back in 1995!! I was ESTATIC!!! Tori showed like a pro - even though she is still very much a baby!!! WOO HOO

Then Tori showed in the Regional Specialty the day before the National. I had her in Bred By Exhibitor class. WELL - She took her class and then went on to take WINNERS BITCH and Best Bred By for 5 pts!!! WOOO HOOO!!! She showed great and deserved her win 100%... She showed great in her regular class at the National and took 1st place -but got no love in the Winners Bitch line up. Oh well. VERY PLEASED with her showing during the National!!!

Tori was then entered in two small shows in May to help a friend. She took Winners bitch for 1 pt one of those days and Reserve Winners bitch the other day. Tori and I then traveled to North Carolina to support a couple of Belgian Supported Entries and a Regional Specialty. Tori took Winners Bitch all three days and picked up 2 pt, 2 pts at the Supported Entries and her second major at the Regional Specialty for 3pts. She also took BEST IN PUPPY SWEEPS at that Regional Specialty !!!! WOO HOOO!!! Tori is now at 14 pts of the 15 she needs to earn her AKC championship. I am very excited about Tori's future in Conformation... She is LOVELY! Perfect headpiece, square bitch with a sound temperment. Looking forward to growing her into my next special.

Tori finished her AKC championship in Oct 2019. Tori is still maturing and will be 2 yrs in March 2020. She is smart, happy, outgoing girl. We have started agility foundation class in 2020 to help direct some of her energy. While she is maturing, we are doing conformation in other venues. In Feb 2020, Tori went to some IABCA shows and finished her Int'l Championship. She earned a Herding Group 2 and a Bred By Herding Group 1. She is also entered in some UKC shows to work on that championship too. We hope to finish her UKC Championship this year as well as go out in AKC later in the year. And, maybe let Tori participate in some FastCat and Rally events this year. Tori is participating in the Embark DNA research study backed by the BSCA too. You can view her public DNA profile via the link in her health table.

Tori and I entered the UKC Ohio Classic in March 2020 and Tori did GREAT! She was the only Groenendael female - so she won Winners all 5 shows. There were class males for the shows and she took Best of winners in 4 of the 5 shows. She then went on to win Best of Breed in 3 of the 5 shows over a very nice entry of champions. Tori went to the group in 3 shows and took a Group 3, Group 2 and Group 1!! She finished her UKC championship in two weekends total - with a total of 7 shows. She is SUCH a good girl. She is an AKC/UKC/Int'l Champion all before the age of 2 yrs!!! We also started foundation agility class in March and will be getting the rest of her health clearances completed soon.