Bayview Bring Your A-Game to Sarron  

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Bayview Bring Your A-Game to Sarron,
DoB: July 12, 2023
Sire: (Rubik)
Dam: GCHB, NOHSB Sarron All We Need Is Now, BN RA MX MXJ OAP NJP ACT2 CGCA CGCU (Dolce)

OFA:Too Young
OFA:Too Young

Maxi was bred by Karen and Liz Hodges and is out of Sarron All We Need is Now (Dolce) and Sans Branco Only One More Twist at Mountain View (Rubik). Maxi was such a pretty puppy and so confident that I really had to take her when Karen told me she planned on keeping a male. Karen and Liz did a great job with that litter and I appreciate them letting Maxi come to Sarron! Maxi has been so confident and sweet since Eileen picked her up. She lives with Eileen Indorato in North Carolina as her owner and I co-own her so that Eileen can have all the fun in showing and doing "all the things with her" and then when she is older I will be able to have a litter from her in order to continue that pedigree.

Maxi is a lovely girl and I am excited to see all the things that she and Eileen will do!

Maxi and Eileen have gone out to some AKC and IABCA shows this spring and picked up points. They are having a great time and Maxi is a great breed ambassador where ever she goes.